Earthquake Victims Learn New Marketable Skills

Earthquake Victims Learn New Marketable SkillsGospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Deepit organized a four-day training seminar to help the people in his community regain financial stability after Nepal’s earthquakes in April and May.

Many in Pastor Deepit’s community are unemployed.

“After the earthquake,” Deepit said, “many people are in need of basic needs: food, shelter and clothes. They are in financial crisis. [This seminar] is one of the small attempts of [the church] to make them financially self-reliant.”

At the seminar, 30 people learned how to create bamboo stools that they will be able to sell at local markets. They used saws and farming sickles to cut bamboo poles into strips for the stool’s base, and then they learned to weave colored nylon thread around a used bicycle tire to make a seat. Because these stools can be created at home, mothers are able to take care of their children while contributing to their families’ income.

“I hope and believe that the graduated brother and sisters will utilize the skill and earn enough for the survival of their families,” Pastor Deepit said.

Please keep praying for those in Nepal who are trying to rebuild their lives. Pray for those who attended this seminar, that they will be fruitful in their new skill.

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