What the Inmates Heard

radioSukir had lived in prison since the time he was a young man. As the years went by, he and his fellow inmates occupied themselves by listening to the radio. But one day, switching through stations, looking for music, they came across something quite unexpected.

The Bible story of the prodigal son started playing into the men’s jail cells. It captured Sukir’s attention—the story sounded like his.

Sukir grew up without moral guidance, and from his childhood was involved with a bad crowd. He and his companions had robbed people, looted buses and even killed people.

As he listened to the Gospel for Asia radio broadcast, Sukir realized there was hope for him. He was filled with sorrow at the wrongs he had done, and amazed that Jesus wanted to clean him and renew his life. Right there in jail, Sukir asked Jesus to be his Lord.

Sukir remains in prison, waiting to finish his sentence and emerge from jail as a new creature in Christ.

GFA Radio reaches into remote corners of South Asia.

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