Twice Divorced, Man Finds Hope on Radio

Gospel for Asia - RadioAll his life Bimal suffered from intense migraines. Visits to doctors and witchdoctors and any prayers he offered to gods all yielded the same result: nothing. But migraines weren’t even Bimal’s biggest problem.

Once, Twice, Three Times a Groom

Bimal was unable to father children. As a result, his first wife divorced him. He remarried, but after three years and still no children, his second wife divorced him too. He married a third woman, continuing to hope against all hope that he might have children. However, even after traveling over a thousand miles for treatment, there was no answer.

Discouraged, Bimal didn’t know what to do—but one day, he heard a special radio program. He had stumbled upon one of Gospel for Asia’s broadcasts while skimming through the stations on his radio. As GFA-supported Pastor Anirvan shared about God’s blessings, he even prayed for people unable to have children!

Bimal began to listen to the program regularly. Then it dawned on him: He had heard of Pastor Anirvan before, and he only lived about 15 miles from Bimal’s home. Bimal decided to pay the pastor a visit.

He Got More than He Thought Possible

Pastor Anirvan welcomed Bimal. After he told the young man of the Good News about Jesus and prayed for him, Bimal decided to welcome Jesus into his life.

Bimal’s family also got to hear about God when Arivan visited Bimal’s house and prayed for the whole family. And they witnessed God accomplish what no one else could: He completely healed Bimal from his migraines!

But God was not yet finished with His blessings on this family. On Christmas day, 2010, Bimal and his wife welcomed a little baby girl into the world. And not long afterward, Bimal’s parents also came to know the love of Jesus.

Learn more about how God is using radio in South Asia.

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  1. NANCY


  2. Dave

    It’s just so wonderful how God loves us!! All of us!! He wants to shower His blessings upon us. Oh that we would have faith to trust the heart of the Father – I’m preaching to myself here. 🙂

  3. W Dan Chance

    Preach on brother! We’re listening too.

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