Life through the Radio

GFA RadioGFA Radio broadcasts in more than 100 languages throughout South Asia. The following is one letter out of more than one million responses we receive from listeners each year.

Dear GFA Radio,

Greetings in the name of our Lord. I pray that this ministry may grow in the days to come in spreading the love of God through the radio.

My entire family has been listening to the GFA Radio program in our language for one year. Through this radio message, we came to the saving knowledge of Christ. These messages you broadcast are really heart-touching and bring transformation in the lives of listeners.

I had many bad habits and was addicted to several substances. But when I received Him, I left all that behind. This is my testimony, and this all happened because of His love and grace.


Bodo Tudu

Bodo recently contacted our office and said there are 15 people in his village who have been continually listening to the GFA Radio program for more than a year. They have all chosen to follow the Lord and are eager for someone to come and teach them more about the Good News.

No missionary had ever been to this village, some 250 miles away from GFA’s closest office. But through the open door from GFA Radio, one of our missionaries arrived to disciple the new believers.

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  1. Dave

    I am so blessed about the power of radio. Thanks for sharing this story!

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