An Unwelcome New Year’s Guest

GFA Radio's prayer team prayed for herThe new year was on its way, and despite the unusually cold weather, most people were celebrating the holiday. But the shouts and laughter in Ujagar’s home didn’t come from a raucous party. Instead, his family felt more grief than joy as 2013 approached.

Earlier that evening, Ujagar’s wife, Tanika, had been attacked by an evil spirit that caused her to scream, shout and speak gibberish. She broke up the screaming and shouting with disturbing fits of laughter or by staring at people in a frightening way.

Most of the family was distressed but also at a loss of what to do. Ujagar’s younger brother, Sandananda, however, had an idea. A while back, Sandananda had connected with Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio’s call center, and he suggested that the family call the center for prayer. With no other ideas, Ujagar agreed.

At 12:30 a.m., Ujagar explained his wife’s problem over the phone, and the Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio prayer team began to ask God for Tanika’s deliverance. Ujagar turned on his speakerphone, and their intercession filled the room.

When Tanika heard the prayers, she began to weep, asking them to stop, but the team members continued, rebuking the demon in Jesus’ name and commanding it to leave Tanika’s body. Unable to bear the rebukes, the demon fled before the eyes of the entire family.

Everyone was shocked, but it was now clear what they needed to do next. That night, as their neighbors ushered in the new year, Ujagar and his family welcomed Jesus into their lives. As they grow in their new faith, they receive guidance by listening to Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio, which fills their home with light and joy every day.

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  1. Dena

    Praise the Lord!!!

  2. Deborah

    I love reading the testimonies of how our loving God and Lord Jesus Christ is still working miraculously in the hearts and lives of the Asian people. Even though I am so far removed from Asia, it is a great blessing to read how our Lord and Savior is bringing salvation to individuals and even households through physical and spiritual healing.

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