Handwritten Hope

Men with Hope in Prison - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanSurrounded by prison walls, Sabrang looked at the blank page and clutched the pen. The words he’d heard on the radio beckoned for him to ask questions. He used the words he could find to express the sorrow he felt. Sabrang sent the letter to the GFA-supported radio follow-up center and waited.

It wasn’t long before he got a response letter and a booklet. He read over the letter and then the booklet with great joy. All over the pages he saw the reality of God’s purpose for his life, and his heart longed for redemption as he learned of Jesus and why He died on the cross.

Over the next year, Sabrang continued to correspond with Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported staff at the radio follow-up center. As he understood more of Christ’s love, he was filled with remorse over the anger he had, and he asked the correspondent if Jesus would forgive his sins.

“Indeed, the Lord Jesus forgives you,” the correspondent replied.

Peace filled Sabrang’s heart when he chose to trust in Christ, and he began to share the Good News with other inmates. Though he remains in prison, he is growing in his faith because of the letters he receives from radio staff.

Find out how Sukir was impacted through GFA-supported Radio.

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