Radio Program Brings Hope to Bedridden Man he had grown up regularly attending church with his parents, Kairav had never put his faith in God. Now 70 years old, it didn’t seem like that would ever change.

Kairav’s lack of faith was challenged, though, when his health began to fail. His ability to walk decreased with each passing day, and eventually he was not able to even stand or sit at all.

Completely bedridden, Kairav struggled to live. Questions began to surface in his heart, and he began to look for answers. During this time, Kairav woke earlier than usual one morning and immediately asked his wife to bring the radio to him.

He turned the radio on and found Gospel for Asia’s program. A man preached from God’s Word and Kairav listened very carefully. After the sermon, the pastor asked the audience to join him as he prayed for sick people. Kairav participated in the prayer and afterward called the radio station’s office.

The men Kairav talked with on the phone assured him of Jesus’ power to heal his body after they prayed fervently for him.

Within three weeks, Kairav was out of bed and able to walk without any help!

“I praise God for my healing, and I thank Him for the radio program,” a completely healthy Kairav later said. “God is always there to listen to our prayers. I have no words to express my joy.”

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