At Death’s Door: Man Places His Hope in a God He Once Despised

Many people in Asia have found hope and healing after calling GFA Radio call centers to receive prayer.Swarit hated Christianity and the principles and values that came with it. Instead, he worked hard to please gods who punished sinners and saved the righteous. He worshipped them devotedly, and he was sure he had earned their favor.

With the same faithfulness, Swarit provided for his family. They looked to him as a pillar: He bore the responsibility of not only feeding his wife and children, but also paying for his parents’ medicines and the education expenses of his sister’s children. As a daily wage laborer, he struggled to earn a living, but somehow, through his diligent work, he managed to meet his family’s needs.

Then a sudden catastrophe shattered their stability. While at work one day, Swarit suffered a severe injury, and he was rushed to a hospital intensive care unit. There, Swarit lay motionless, unable even to open his eyes. His family despaired; they thought they would soon be receiving his dead body.

In the midst of their tragedy, one of Swarit’s sisters, Tuhina, called a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio call center. She told the call-center staff about her brother’s situation and asked them to pray for him. In addition to praying earnestly for him, the staff encouraged Tuhina, telling her about the Savior who is able to instantly heal anyone.

Tuhina told Swarit what the staff told her, and his desperation opened his heart to seek help. Against all his hatred for Christianity and his faith in gods who rewarded only the righteous, he chose to believe in a God he’d once rejected, a God of grace. He prayed to Jesus for his healing.

Soon, Swarit experienced the healing power of Christ. Much to the doctors’ astonishment, his body rapidly recovered, and within a short time, he was able to open his eyes and walk. The Lord had saved his life and given him a second chance. Filled with gratitude toward Jesus, Swarit decided he wanted to know more about this God who saves sinners.

Read how an entire family was redeemed after hearing about Jesus on the radio.

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