God’s Word Changes Teenage Alcoholic’s Reputation

God's Word has transformed many lives in Asia.Pretvan had a reputation of being a dangerous man—and he was only a youth. Pretvan had dropped out of school, failing to make it past the eighth grade, and started drinking alcohol with friends. The teenager quickly became a dangerous addict, often starting trouble with other villagers. Even his friends grew frightened of him, thinking he would hurt them.

His mother wept every day as she watched her son plummet toward destruction.

Troublemaker Questions Pastor

But one day, Pretvan had a life-changing conversation when he met a man with a reputation very different from his own. After the man introduced himself as Pastor Naarad, the two began talking. Pretvan asked, “Is there a God?”

“Definitely God exists,” replied the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor. “He is Jesus Christ, the God of you.”

“There is no god who can give His life for my life,” Pretvan shot back.

Responding in gentleness, Pastor Naarad offered to pray for Pretvan.

Pretvan allowed the pastor to pray for him right then and there. Despite Pretvan’s sharp words, he started to believe Pastor Naarad was telling him the truth. Before the two men parted ways, Pretvan received a New Testament to read.

‘Please Change My Life’

When Pretvan went home, he opened the New Testament. When he came across John 3:16, his heart melted as he realized God did love him and did die for his sins. Feeling genuine conviction, Pretvan pleaded, “Please change my life, Lord.”

And the Lord did. That day marked a turning point in Pretvan’s life as he chose to walk with Jesus and stopped drinking alcohol altogether.

Now, instead of living as a dangerous troublemaker, Pretvan is embracing his new identity as a child of God. He regularly worships Jesus each Sunday with the local congregation.

Like Pretvan, Vinanti found hope and salvation after reading literature about Jesus. Read her story.

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