Disaster Traps Family, Bridge of Hope Offers Way Out

While helping students excel academically, Bridge of Hope often helps students find their talents and abilities. aMoving homes is often stressful, but for Sashmita and her family, moving wasn’t just a challenge; it was a painful hardship that threatened to ruin their chances for future success. They moved because they had lost all their property in a flood. Already poor, Sashmita’s parents struggled to get back on their feet and provide for their three children. But they couldn’t afford to send Sashmita and her brothers to school for several years.

Like many other families in Asia, they were stuck in a nearly unbreakable cycle: As poverty kept Sashmita and her brothers from attending school, it threatened their chances for a good education—and the chance to ever rise out of poverty.

Girl Receives Chance to Resume Education

Seeing the family’s situation, a neighbor told Sashmita’s family about the local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bridge of Hope center. Sashmita’s parents excitedly went to the Bridge of Hope center to ask if Sashmita could join.

When the Bridge of Hope staff visited Sashmita’s home, they were moved by compassion at the family’s struggles. The staff prayed for them and admitted Sashmita to Bridge of Hope.

Because Bridge of Hope provided for Sashmita’s school expenses and gave her a daily nutritious meal, Sashmita was able to go to school again, and her family’s financial burden was eased. This helped Sashmita’s brothers to return to school too.

But the challenges weren’t over for Sashmita. Because she hadn’t attended school for a few years, she struggled academically. The Bridge of Hope tutors noticed and took extra care to help her. In time, Sashmita learned and grew. The staff’s encouragement helped her to excel in every area of study and to grow in her talents for singing and dancing.

‘Our Family Has Changed a Lot’

Seeing the Bridge of Hope staff  help them in their need and foster positive changes in their daughter’s life filled Sashmita’s parents with gratitude.

“Through the help of the Bridge of Hope project, our family has changed a lot, and we are able to live comfortably and peacefully,” they shared.

Now, Sashmita is learning academic disciplines and her parents regularly welcome the Bridge of Hope staff into their home.

Through the love and care of the Bridge of Hope staff, they all have the chance to leap over the hurdles of tragedy and poverty and press on to a future bright with promises.

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