Faith Comes by Hearing

GFA Radio speakerFenil’s two-year-old son, Nandin, had been sick with a high fever for three days, and even with proper treatment his condition did not improve. As a professional driver, Fenil worked hard to provide for his family, but now there was nothing he could do for his suffering son.

On the third day of Nandin’s fever, Fenil was driving a school van and happened to turn the radio on to a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio program. Fenil had been raised in a Christian home but did not know Jesus personally. Interested in the program’s message, he kept listening as the speaker shared the Word of God.

At one point the radio speaker gave the phone number for a prayer request line at the station. Fenil decided to call and request prayer for his little Nandin.

The prayer team prayed for Nandin, and miraculously, the fever broke! Fenil knew this healing was a miracle from God and thanked Him from the bottom of his heart.

Since Nandin’s healing, GFA Radio has truly helped Fenil grow in the faith. In addition to hearing God’s Word on the radio program, he and his family now pray and meditate on Scripture in the morning and evening. He also has a deep desire to serve the Lord and share the Good News with those who have never heard it before. He shares God’s love with his family members as well.

“I have received peace of mind and encouragement by talking to you and through your prayer support,” Fenil told the Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio team. “I can see the changes that have taken place in me.”

Learn more about GFA Radio and find out how you can pray for our workers in many different ways.

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