What the Herdsman Heard

Faith grows through Asian radio program
Dhiman and Hemali (pictured) discuss what they hear on Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio programs, growing together in their love for Christ.

Dhiman hardly noticed the cows grazing nearby as he listened intently to the words penetrating the quietness of the jungle. While searching for the normal secular programming he usually listened to on his radio, Dhiman stumbled upon an unfamiliar broadcast—one that touched him deeper than other programs or entertaining songs he normally enjoyed. He had never heard this broadcast before, yet the voice over the airwaves was familiar. It was the voice of Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Roshan, whom he had met in the woods many days before.

Company in the Jungle

As a husband and father of five children, Dhiman worked hard to provide for his family. During the day, he spent long hours in the jungle caring for cows belonging to villagers in his area. It was just him; a bunch of cows; his fellow cow herder, Hemali; and a radio to keep him company. While the cows grazed, Dhiman often sat under a shady tree and listened to radio programs.

It was during one of those long days that Dhiman happened to meet Pastor Roshan. They talked for an hour, and Dhiman learned that Roshan loved Jesus very much and even recorded radio programs about Christ’s teachings. Roshan told Dhiman about the great treasure he had found in Christ and encouraged Dhiman to listen to his broadcasts.

A Life-changing Discovery

Dhiman, however, didn’t intentionally tune in—it was only while casually flipping through radio stations that he heard Roshan’s voice talking about Jesus. As he listened, the Spirit stirred his heart.

Although Dhiman grew up in a nominally Christian home, he had never fully understood the hope and victorious life found in Christ. At the end of the program, Dhiman saw into his own heart in a new way and realized he wanted to be different. He wanted the transformation and love Jesus gives to all who seek Him. That day, he knelt before God and sought his Lord with a fresh eagerness in his heart.

Dhiman’s new discovery was too precious to keep from his friend. When Dhiman told Hemali about the wonderful news of love and the new life he found through the radio broadcast, Hemali simply didn’t care. Dhiman urged him, saying, “You just listen. If you don’t like, it’s up to you. But would you please listen at least once?”

Finally, to please his friend, Hemali agreed to listen to the radio program—and he was astonished by what he heard.

“I was thinking that being a Christian [in name] is enough to . . . inherit the kingdom of God,” he shared. “But today, I came to know what being a real Christian is all about.”

Growing Together

Now, Hemali and Dhiman often listen to the Gospel for Asia-supported radio broadcasts and talk together about what they hear. As they learn from the programs together, the two herdsmen are journeying from being Christian in name only to thriving in a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

One day, Dhiman and Hemali contacted Pastor Roshan to express their gratitude for the radio messages that mean so much to them.

“We are so happy [to be] experiencing a new Christian life,” they shared. “We are influenced by the heart-touching messages. May God bless you!”


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  1. wallace

    Hemali and Dhiman have found a wonderful treasure and I am so happy for them.
    God will continue to work in and through them and through all who love Him.

  2. Nona

    I gave my life to our Lord Jesus when listening the radio sermon broadcasting from Sacramento, California. Pastor spoke Russian but he was Ukrainian. I am Armenian and was listening to radio in Uzbekistan, my sweet Mother an I moved to UZ because of the war/conflict we had with our neighboring country. No once before I moved to Uzb. I was approached by people sharing the Good News and yet my heart was closed, my eyes were blind, and I would not listen.
    GOD is amazing, and He will never give up on us.
    It is so humbling and powerful!
    We love giving to the radio ministry!
    With grateful hearts!

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