After Five Years of Watching

Widow earns an income through sewing machines.
Rupashi (pictured) uses her sewing machine to provide for her son, mother and mother-in-law. Her story is a testimony of God’s provision and care.

Vasanti has been a witness to many things over her 70 years of life, especially in regard to her daughter, Rupashi. She listened as Rupashi spoke her first words. She watched Rupashi grow into a young woman, and she watched her enter into a new life with a husband. She watched her grandson, Manesh, grow into a little man.

But five years ago, she watched powerlessly as her only child became a widow after an accident claimed her son-in-law’s life.

Working Hard to Survive

Rupashi sought out field labor jobs, but they were only available 15 to 18 days in a month. Vasanti and Rupashi’s mother-in-law both lived with Rupashi and depended on her provision, so instead of going to school, young Manesh also worked as a laborer to help his mother provide for the family.

Even between Rupashi’s and Manesh’s hard-earned income, the small family of four often came up short and spent many nights without food. As an elderly woman, Vasanti helplessly watched Manesh and Rupashi come home, tired and hungry, to an empty kitchen.

Adding strain to the small family income, Rupashi’s mother-in-law and Vasanti both needed medications, and even Manesh often fell sick and required treatment.

Help Lingers Just Out of Reach

A glimmer of hope arose when Rupashi learned to sew, thanks to a government-sponsored program in their village. But that glimmer was short-lived—her new skills were useless without a sewing machine. The rising cost of living made it impossible for them to afford such an expensive purchase. Vasanti watched Rupashi pray to the Lord for a sewing machine of her own so she could provide a steady income for her family.

When Rupashi heard about prayer meetings hosted by a local church, she started joining the believers during their times of prayer. Pastor Uday, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor leading the church, regularly lifted up Rupashi’s needs to the Lord as his heart filled with compassion over her family’s desperate situation.

Answered Prayer Changes Family Situation

After watching her family struggle for five years, Vasanti witnessed a beautiful thing—her daughter’s prayers were answered! Rupashi was given a sewing machine at a Christmas gift distribution led by the church. As one of the many widows who received a gift that day, Rupashi took her sewing machine home and started putting it to good use. By sewing blouses and other pieces of ladies’ clothing, Rupashi found a stable source of income, bringing in twice as much as she had earned in the fields.

Now, Vasanti watches her daughter diligently work over her sewing machine and sees a testimony of answered prayer. Rupashi eagerly uses her skills to earn money to feed her family and to provide the medications needed by her mother, her son and her mother-in-law. Rupashi also regularly attends the local church services, growing in her love for the God who answered her heartfelt prayers.

“After getting this machine,” Vasanti explains, “my daughter is giving money for my medicines and for my personal needs as well. I thank God for this gift, for meeting our daily needs.”


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  1. Annar

    Praise the Lord. He is the same for all His children wherever they live. And He can fill all our needs. It’s so wonderful to read the testimony what He do.

  2. Julia Annabella

    Prsise The Lord for His new mercys every day. I enjoy to be part of this ministry. My heart rejoice eith every miracle . Prayong for whole Asia came to Jesus! He is all portion everything that every perdon needs. Thank you Father for GFA bless all in the ministry

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