When They Tore His Magazine

Radio Magazine

A college student named Shalva shares how God comforted him through a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio ministry.
My name is Shalva. I am a regular listener of [a Gospel for Asia-supported] radio program, which is broadcasted in my own district.

One day, as usual, I was listening to the radio program . . . in the morning and went to college. On my way to college, I met . . . the postman of our village post office. He delivered a package to me. I thanked him, and with much curiosity, I opened it and found a copy of the [radio program’s] magazine. I started savoring the articles one by one. I reached my college and stepped inside my classroom.

I turned the pages of the magazine once again and started reading while a lecture was being given by one of the teachers. After the class was over, my two classmates came closer to me and abruptly snatched the magazine from my hands and tore it into two pieces and threw it down on the classroom’s floor.

They growled at me, saying, “Donkey, you are reading the magazine of a foreign religion.”

I felt humiliated, but I picked up the torn magazine. I brought it home, stitched it up and made it readable.

My eyes fell on the following sentences . . . on the last page:

When some people fling stones violently at you in this world full of hatred, conspiracy and sin, do you want to pick up the stones and fling back to them? Or do you gather all those stones and make a bridge from them?

I felt great comfort in my heart. … I began to pray for my . . . friends, particularly for my two classmates who tore the magazine. I regularly prayed to God for transformation and to help them know the true . . . God.

I praised my true and loving God because after two months, my two classmates came to me and said sorry for tearing the . . . magazine into two pieces. They asked me about Jesus Christ and the address of the . . . radio program’s office. I told them about Jesus Christ, His love and sacrifice for all human beings. They started to go to church with me.

Nowadays, [my pastor] is happily guiding my friends and nourishing them with the Word of God.

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  1. Marlyn

    Wow,thank you brother for doing what is right. You inspired me. God bless you.

  2. Mike

    What a witness, May the Lord bless you

  3. kimberly

    Thank you for being faithful to the Word of God. You did not retaliate but instead prayed for these two persons. Now, look what has occurred. They apologized, asked you about Jesus Christ and came to church with you. To GOD be the Glory.

  4. Betty

    Thank you for your wisdom and obedience! Here in the West, we are so visually oriented, we may forget how powerful the messages sent out by RADIO. This testimony thrilled my heart to witness how quickly The Lord can transform hearts….if we are only obedient to do as He asks! Betty

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