The Testimony of a Rejected Daughter

Pallavini is a young woman who is devoted to following and serving Christ. Below is the testimony of how God used a GFA-supported radio program to touch her life.

Pallavini (not pictured) felt peace when she listened to the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio program. As she continued to listen to the program every day, she came to know Jesus for herself.

“One day, while I was tuning the radio, my ears stuck to one program that was being aired . . . It was the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio program. The whole experience of listening to it was so soothing that I started looking forward to hearing the same program every day. For the first time in my life, through the [radio] program, I realized a true God exists. And the God is Jesus Christ. But something was not clear in my mind.

“Meanwhile, there was one brother in my village who was a Christian, and he helped me know more about the God I was hearing about. He took me to the church, and the new faith gradually developed in my mind. My family, at that time, did not know about my new faith, so I used to read the Bible secretly. I used to hide all the things related to Christianity. …”

Pronounced as Dead

“When my parents found out about my new faith, they reacted very violently. Especially my father; he had beaten me and discarded me from the family. All my relatives pronounced me as dead to them . . . I spent these days in a cow shed, hungry and bruised, and there was no one to share my pain. They used to blame me for every unfortunate incident.

“Even in the midst of all those circumstances, I kept on praying to Jesus. I found comfort in the prayers and concerns of the believers and the pastor of my church. Above all, God was with me through all my trials and tribulations. He never left me alone, and He helped me cope with the situations. Thanks to Gospel for Asia (GFA) Radio! Thanks to the [radio] speaker who has helped me know . . . God.”

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