A Life-changing Film

“I have never seen such a . . . film. I could see how much Jesus loves the people [how He even] died on the cross to redeem us from our sins.”—a villager who had just seen a film on the life of Christ.

The Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported film team (pictured) is dedicated to serving the Lord and bringing hope to villages that are sometimes off the beaten path. In this picture, you can see where they had to fix the road in order to visit Pastor Jagrav’s the village.

Along the back roads of a remote village in Asia, scenes of love engraved themselves on the minds of villagers who lived difficult, toilsome lives working in paddy fields. Local Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor, Jagrav, cared for the people of this village, so he connected with a GFA-supported film team to show a movie on the life of Christ.

In an area where there is no electricity and no schooling for children, the film team’s arrival caused quite a stir of excitement. Not only did the film team have to repair a road during their travel to the secluded village, but they had traveled just to see them. A crowd gathered as the film team sang songs and spoke from God’s Word.

When the sun made its last appearance behind the horizon, the film began. The powerful depiction of Christ’s love and sacrifice for mankind helped the audience piece together what little they knew of Jesus.

“Many people told me about Jesus Christ . . . but after watching [this] film I could understand how much Jesus loves us,” said Panya, a villager.

The next day, even more people showed up for the second screening of the film.

The people in Pastor Jagrav’s villagers (pictured) are touched with the love of Christ Jesus as they hear His Word being shared.

God is using film ministry to touch hearts in mighty ways. Precious people, like these villagers, are finding out how much He loves them by seeing His great sacrifice. Let us continue to pray for this aspect of the ministry, asking the Lord to bless our brothers and Pastor Jagrav as they serve Him with their lives, and pray for a positive impact in communities!

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