How a Movie Introduced the Healer

How a Movie Introduced the Healer Two poles held up a clean white sheet displaying a film on the life of Christ. Many eyes were locked on the screen. One woman in the crowd looked a little more intently at the forms projected on the sheet as she saw Christ raise Lazarus from the dead. Maybe there was still hope for her son’s healing?

Desperate to See Her Son Healed

Mansi’s 12-year-old son, Eijaz, had difficulty walking properly because his legs and feet were bent. The doctors certified him to be 75 percent lame. After watching the film, one question filled Mansi’s mind: Could this Jesus heal her son?

Mansi directed her question to a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor named Gopalpreet who was present at the film showing. After hearing Mansi’s story, the film team and pastor went to her home. They prayed for Eijaz; explained to the family about prayer and faith; and encouraged them to trust in God, who has the power to heal. Their words uplifted Mansi and her family and caused them to hope.

Pastor Gopalpreet and the film team continued to pray for the boy once a week. Mansi and her family even joined them in a week-long fast, trusting that God could bring Eijaz’s healing. Soon, they started seeing Eijaz walking differently. The Lord had heard their prayers and straightened Eijaz’s feet!

Healing Brings Restoration to Village

Mansi and her family were amazed. This was nothing short of a miracle. Seeing their faith in God lived out, they all began attending church together. They asked the film team to screen more films about Jesus in their village, so Pastor Gopalpreet and the team did. After watching the film, many villagers received the hope found in Christ.
Now Mansi and her family have opened up their home to host worship gatherings for those in their village. Eijaz’s life is now a testimony, made possible after the power of Christ was revealed to Mansi through a simple film.

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