GFA Film ministry shows Jesus film

Villagers Enjoy an Evening of Films

During a hot summer night, neighbors gathered as if at a drive-in movie, minus the cars. The audience sat captivated for the next 4 hours and 40 minutes. Some of the villagers would learn lessons of historical importance—and some of their lives would never be the same. Villagers Welcomed Earlier, GFA-supported worker Deepak had lugged his equipment to this neighboring […] Read more »

Film Gives Hope to Desperate Father

Hardik lived a simple but happy life. His government job produced a decent wage, and Hardik’s wife, Karuna, had borne him a beautiful baby boy. The kindhearted people in his village lived in unity with one another. Shortly after Hardik’s son turned 1 year old, Hardik’s happiness dissolved because his son grew sick. The young child’s health fluctuated; he would […] Read more »

A Visual of Christ’s Message

An eight-mile walk and heavy rain were no match for the three men who were determined to minister to the Lord’s people. Pachai, Rahi and Badal were excited to share the film “Man of Mercy” with their neighboring village—but were the people ready to see it? Rain and Sacrifice Pachai, Rahi and Badal walked on and on for miles in […] Read more »

A Life-changing Film

“I have never seen such a . . . film. I could see how much Jesus loves the people [how He even] died on the cross to redeem us from our sins.”—a villager who had just seen a film on the life of Christ. Along the back roads of a remote village in Asia, scenes of love engraved themselves on […] Read more »

One Film, Two Different Reactions

Stern faces surrounded the film team. Anger stifled the air. Outrageous, harsh warnings were shouted at the missionaries—a stark contrast to the beauty and hushed awe the film had brought to the rest of the crowd that had gathered. “Why are you showing the film here?” the young men shouted. “You are not allowed to screen here. Leave this place […] Read more »

Priest watches film about Jesus

The Compassion of God, a Priest Transformed

Palash was a very spiritual man. In fact, he was a priest and a spiritual leader in his community. He revered the holy book of his traditional religion and would meditate on it daily. Palash’s life looked good and full from the outside. He was married, had two children and stayed busy with all his priestly duties. But he realized […] Read more »

Villagers watch a film on the life of Jesus

Film Stirs the Heart of Rebellious Young Man

Rupika was not expecting a visitor when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it to find a dirty, long-haired man standing before her, and she immediately closed it again thinking the young man was a beggar. There was another knock, and Rupika opened the door again. Only one word left the man’s mouth, and it stunned Rupika […] Read more »

He Is a New Creation

With the flick of a switch, the screen came to life in front of the people. One unexpected participant sat among the crowd, his eyes fixed on the true story playing out before him. The man’s name was Ekbal. One Man’s Accusations Since the beginning of Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Jaival’s ministry, Ekbal had made it his personal business to […] Read more »

How a Movie Introduced the Healer

Two poles held up a clean white sheet displaying a film on the life of Christ. Many eyes were locked on the screen. One woman in the crowd looked a little more intently at the forms projected on the sheet as she saw Christ raise Lazarus from the dead. Maybe there was still hope for her son’s healing? Desperate to […] Read more »

Woman watching film team

Film Team Helps Share the Light

“Don’t come! Don’t come, Christ!” screamed the 25-year-old woman as the film she was watching showed the beginnings of Jesus’ ministry on earth. Men and women from the village tried to calm Purnima down, but her behavior only grew more peculiar: She started speaking in a strange language none could understand. Tejas, a Christian from Purnima’s village, stood with the […] Read more »