Bringing Answers Where Few Tread

Monali grew up in a remote village situated deep in a forest and surrounded by rocky hills. Due to the village’s remote nature, outside visitors rarely came. There were no transportation facilities;…

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Because a GFA film team brought a message of hope to his village, Monali (pictured) now rejoices in God’s everlasting love.

Film Gives Hope to Desperate Father

Hardik lived a simple but happy life. His government job produced a decent wage, and Hardik’s wife, Karuna, had borne him a beautiful baby boy. The kindhearted people in his village lived…

Hardik’s son spent almost half of his two years of life battling a mysterious sickness. The desperate father found hope for his healing after watching a film showing Jesus performing many miracles.

He Is a New Creation

With the flick of a switch, the screen came to life in front of the people. One unexpected participant sat among the crowd, his eyes fixed on the true story playing out…