Film Gives Hope to Desperate Father

Hardik’s son spent almost half of his two years of life battling a mysterious sickness. The desperate father found hope for his healing after watching a film showing Jesus performing many miracles.

Hardik lived a simple but happy life. His government job produced a decent wage, and Hardik’s wife, Karuna, had borne him a beautiful baby boy. The kindhearted people in his village lived in unity with one another.

Shortly after Hardik’s son turned 1 year old, Hardik’s happiness dissolved because his son grew sick. The young child’s health fluctuated; he would seem to mend but then fall into illness once again. Hardik and Karuna spent endless nights trying to pacify their crying son. As months wore on, the haggard parents knew their son would not get better on his own.

Seeking Healing, Finding Hopelessness

After several anxious months, Hardik and his wife took their son to the hospital. The doctors could not find what was wrong with the child. As the desperate parents sought help from several doctors, their son grew skinny from the medical treatments doctors had given him to figure out what was wrong. Hardik had spent huge sums of money looking for relief for his frail son, but all was in vain.

Money depleted, Hardik resorted to selling his wife’s jewelry and their household possessions. This act brought deep shame to the couple, revealing their poverty to everyone around them. But they needed the money to continue seeking relief for their son. Hardik visited several temples hoping he could buy a miracle. Many rituals were performed over the boy, but none led to his healing. Hardik and Karuna felt helpless. They had spent everything they had, but it seemed impossible that their precious son would get better.

A Man of Healing Featured

One day, news of an upcoming film showing swiftly passed through the village. Many were eager to attend the screening, as a film was a rare treat in this area.

On the evening of the film show, Hardik and Karuna wove through the crowd to find a place to sit. They were very curious and listened to the excited chatter around them.

As the film progressed, Hardik watched as a man named Jesus did incredible things—things no ordinary man could do. Some people left partway through the film, but Hardik was transfixed. As he watched Jesus perform another miracle, he silently believed in his heart that Jesus could completely heal his son, too.

After the film was finished, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Birbal addressed the crowd and offered to pray for anyone present. Many were excited to have Pastor Birbal pray to the man they had just watched walk on water and rise from the dead. In the group that gathered around the pastor was Hardik, waiting for prayer for his son.

When the eager father’s turn came, Pastor Birbal was happy to pray for complete healing for Hardik’s son. The father left with restored hope that his son could be healed.

Pastor Birbal continued to pray for the young boy’s healing in his personal time with the Lord. Two weeks after the film had been shown in Hardik’s village, Pastor Birbal got a call from Hardik. Jesus healed his son!

Hardik shared with the pastor, “We, as a family, really want to thank God for His grace upon us, and we believe Jesus Christ is really the true God. We personally want to worship Him.”

From that day on, Hardik, Karuna and their healthy son began gathering with others to worship the One who had given their family new life. What is impossible with man is possible with God!


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