A Visual of Christ’s Message

An eight-mile walk and heavy rain were no match for the three men who were determined to minister to the Lord’s people. Pachai, Rahi and Badal were excited to share the film “Man of Mercy” with their neighboring village—but were the people ready to see it?

Rain and Sacrifice

Pachai, Rahi and Badal walked on and on for miles in the rain. The clothes on their backs were drenched, and they didn’t know what would take place in the village ahead of them. Would anyone respond to seeing a visual representation of atonement? All they could do was press in to the Lord and trust Him to stir the people’s hearts.

When the three Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionaries finally arrived at their destination, no one was there to welcome them, so they sought shelter in an abandoned house. They had only each other and communion with Jesus. And even though there was no warm reception from the locals, the love these men carried was too strong for anything to deter them from displaying the message of Jesus.

Seeing, Then Believing

Pachai, Rahi and Badal arranged a meeting with four village leaders where they kindly sought permission from them to show their film to everyone who lived in the village. Only one strongly opposed, but he ultimately relented saying, “Everyone will watch, but I will never come and watch the Christian film.”

In spite of opposition from one of the village leaders, the Lord paved a way for them to show the film in a nearby home owned by a man named Rajesh. Rajesh’s little 7-year-old son, Lai, had been sick for months, suffering from anxiety and intense headaches. Before Pachai, Rahi and Badal set up their film equipment, they anointed Lai with oil and prayed for his healing. They also encouraged Rajesh from the Word of God.

Rajesh and his family were blessed by the film about Jesus that Pachai, Rahi and Badal screened in their village. Because of the film and the example of the brothers, this family came to know the love of Christ.

Although the village consisted of 300 families, only 25 people initially showed up for the viewing. Pachai used an open-air mic to explain to passersby the meaning of the film, which grew the audience to about 45 people.

The film commenced, the crowd hushed, and the Lord moved in the hearts of His people. That evening, many villagers, including Rajesh and his family, saw for the first time a visual representation of the Lord’s love and sacrifice for the world.

Love Recieved

After the movie concluded, Rajesh approached Pachai and requested further prayers for his son Lai. Pachai, Rahi and Badal met together with Rajesh’s family to pray over Lai. Once again, the Lord allowed the brothers to share His Word with this family. Before the night was over, because of the film and Pachai’s exhortation, Lai’s father gained an understanding of the message of Jesus and came to know the Lord in a more intimate way that very night.

Today, Rajesh and his family attend a church that is not far from their village. Thanks to the steadfast love of the three men determined to see God’s people know Him, lives were changed for eternity. A film was the perfect catalyst to help people see and understand the depths of Christ’s sacrifice and love

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  1. Marilyn

    Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ and Blessings to those brave missionaries!


    Thank you Jesus! Please make me bold like these missionaries who love you!

  3. Robert

    Hallelujah, Praise the Holy Name of The Lord Jesus Christ!

    Amen and Amen!

    Robert Bobby Briggs.

  4. Ruth

    Praise the Lord for the faithful servants of the Lord in G.F.A. who work under very difficult conditions, so often.

  5. Kabelo

    stories like these propels us to do more for the Lord in terms of soul winning.

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