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Eighty percent of diseases in Asia are preventable and curable. Unfortunately, many people do not have money to afford medical treatment for these various ailments. But GFA-supported medical ministry is making a difference in thousands of lives.

Without Help

Many people in Asia go without medical treatment because they cannot afford the cost, while others are not aware of basic first aid or hygiene practices that could keep them from getting sick. In one area in South Asia, laborers from a tea estate suffered from anemia and vitamin deficiencies because they did not earn enough money to sustain the cost of healthy diets or vitamins.

When Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers found out about their struggle for medicine, they conducted a medical camp where experienced doctors ministered to the needs of the community by giving them the vitamins and medicine they needed. One recipient, an elderly lady, gave thanks, saying, “I received enough vitamins for one-and-half months, and I will never be able to purchase this much medicine in my lifetime.”

After seeing a tangible example of Christ’s compassion, many attendees of the medical camps were touched by the love of Jesus.

The Lord’s Advocates

Without money to afford medicine or visit a physician, and without knowledge of health practices, many poverty-stricken families are left without hope for healing. Small injuries such as a cut or minor illnesses like the flu often pave the way for more severe health issues when left untreated. In addition to these obstacles, thousands of villages in rural areas have little to no access to medical facilities. Many Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers serve in communities in these remote areas. Seeing the needs of the people around them, they organize medical camps.

A Solution to the Cause

Medical Camps are held from morning to evening in various places throughout Asia and include a wide range of services. Some camps teach attendees hygiene, the importance of healthy diets and first aid. Other medical camps offer free checkups, medical and dental treatment, medicine and antibiotics. Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers provide experienced and certified doctors to conduct these compassion services. These camps have benefited families throughout Asia who may have otherwise never received the help they needed.

On June 15, 2015, nearly 350 people attended a medical camp and received free treatment and medicine.

Physical and Spiritual Healing

In three different locations throughout rural Asia, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers conducted medical camps. Altogether 1,020 people attended, heard a message of Jesus’ love, and received free medicine and treatment for their wounds. After seeing a tangible example of Christ’s compassion, many attendees understood God’s love in a deeper way.

One recipient named Dayal said, “I am very happy with Christians . . . for the concern for poor people like us. I do not have even a single rupee for my treatment of backbone pain, but now I could undergo treatment and get medicine freely.”

Adil, another attendee, said, “We do not have any medical facilities or hospital in our village. But we really appreciate and thankful for what the church had done for us.”

As a result of the love and compassion of donors and Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers, God’s children are receiving the help they desperately need.

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  1. Noel

    Thank you for the regular reports of the various GFA-supported ministries and prayer requests. They are a continual source of encouragement to me as they remind me that I do have a part in what the Lord is doing throughout this part of the world.

    I become burdened with my own concerns at times and I need prayer for gainful employment as I would like to have a greater financial impact for the kingdom.

  2. A.G.

    We give glory to God for the great work He has been doing through your ministry. May the Lord increase you more and more in every area of life in Jesus name. About twice now, I did send email requesting how easy and possible is it for someone living in Lagos Nigeria, West Africa, to send his financial support to you but I’m yet to receive any reply. God bless you all.

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