Film Stirs the Heart of Rebellious Young Man

Villagers watch a film on the life of Jesus
God has touched the hearts of villagers all across Asia through films about Jesus’ life.

Rupika was not expecting a visitor when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it to find a dirty, long-haired man standing before her, and she immediately closed it again thinking the young man was a beggar.

There was another knock, and Rupika opened the door again. Only one word left the man’s mouth, and it stunned Rupika into motionless silence: “Mommy.”

Heartbroken Mother Prays for Runaway Son

Could this really be Rupika’s son? It had been more than five years since Kanvar had disappeared from home without giving the slightest hint of where he was going.

Kanvar had fallen into a life of aimless wandering with the wrong crowd. The group of boys would pick fights with other villagers, steal from homes and waste money on their drug and alcohol addictions. Fifteen-year-old Kanvar resented his parents for scolding him for his bad behavior. Deciding he wouldn’t tolerate their discipline any longer, he left.

As the months went by, Rupika searched with her husband and had the police look for Kanvar also. Throughout the entire five years Kanvar was missing, Rupika spent time in temples, praying earnestly to her gods for her son’s return. Her prayers remained unanswered.

One of Rupika’s neighbors told her about a man nearby who would be able to help her find Kanvar. As a last resort, Rupika visited the man, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Muni, and she asked him to pray for her son. The pastor and the believers in his church lifted Kanvar up in prayer and asked God to bring him home.

Stranger Leads Young Man Back to Family

One day, Someone—Kanvar didn’t know who—took Kanvar’s hand and led him home! After the initial shock of seeing her son on her doorstep, Rupika embraced him and welcomed him home. Because of this miracle, everyone in Kanvar’s family chose to trust in Jesus—everyone, that is, except Kanvar.

A year went by after his homecoming, and although his family followed Christ, Kanvar still searched for wisdom in the gods and goddesses he had grown up worshiping. Rupika and her husband continued to pray for Kanvar as they saw him slipping back into his old lifestyle.

Their prayers were answered when some Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionaries arranged to show a film on the life of Jesus in the family’s village. Rupika insisted Kanvar attend the showing.

Son Realizes Christ’s Love Through Film

As Kanvar watched the film, something happened in his heart. For the first time, he realized that Jesus was the One who had led him home. Kanvar prayed with film team missionaries, and he sought forgiveness from God.

Now, instead of wandering aimlessly or spending time feeding dangerous addictions, Kanvar spends his free time with Pastor Muni, giving others literature and sharing about the love of Jesus, who has completely changed his life.

Originally Published in Harvest October 2013


Read what happened when a young man tried to keep his village from watching a film about Jesus’ life.

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  1. carolyn

    yes I too have encountered jesus blessings I had a bad fall to which a doctor had told me I needed surgery on my back. I was so scared that I said no. jesus provided me a doctor who was a physio also and he helped me a lot. now I don’t have to have surgery and am feeling great.
    thanks to jesus

  2. Doreen

    Amen Jesus heals we to keep on going around the world

  3. Shanbir

    Wow!!!!! I’m going to cry

  4. Joan

    Very moving story. God calls us at different times even within the same family. Joan.

  5. cl

    awesome….. praise God!!

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