When Witch Doctors Fail and Deities Remain Silent

Healed by prayer at Women's Fellowship
Like Sapna and the ladies who prayed for her, these Women’s Fellowship ladies worship Jesus together and pray for their community.

Sapna left the witch doctors, frustrated and disappointed to again be met with failure. Doctors were unsuccessful in treating her severe pain, and now even witch doctors couldn’t find a cure.

Sapna wondered why faithfully obeying her religious customs for so many years hadn’t brought her the blessings she expected. As part of the local priest’s family, she had diligently worshiped since her childhood. Why, then, did she lack peace? And why was she plagued with this unbearable pain in her body?

Women’s Fellowship Team Diligently Prays

In the midst of her deep distress, Sapna heard about three Women’s Fellowship team members in her area who regularly gathered with ladies for times of prayer, worship and discipleship. What’s more, she heard that when these women prayed to Jesus, He answered their prayers and healed many people from their problems.

Without delay, Sapna approached the Women’s Fellowship sisters and shared the burdens of her heart. Disillusioned by all her failed efforts to receive healing through her rituals, she asked the sisters to pray to Jesus for her.

The three ladies, Aastha, Barkha and Madhu, comforted Sapna from the Word of God and assured her they would pray fervently for her. They told Sapna who Jesus is, and as Sapna heard the wonderful news about His love and sacrifice, her faith in Christ began to grow.

For three days, Aastha, Barkha and Madhu prayed and fasted, believing Jesus for a miracle in Sapna’s life. Then, just as He healed the blind and the lame when He walked on earth, Jesus healed Sapna from her severe pain.

Husband Touched by Wife’s Transformation

Overwhelmed by the answered prayers and God’s powerful working in her life, a restored Sapna asked the Great Physician to heal her stained heart as well, and to make it His home.

After experiencing such complete transformation, Sapna encouraged her husband to join her in attending worship services with the other believers in their village, and soon, he discovered the power of Jesus for himself.

Although she was raised in a family dedicated to their traditional religious heritage, Sapna’s search for peace and healing led her to Jesus. Now, she and her husband rejoice in their knowledge of God and pray their relatives may one day know His great love, too.


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  1. rev bill

    There have always been other gods, but only 1 true God. There’s no peace w/out that one true God. read exodus 20, the 10 commandments tells you how God will not share the love of His followers with other gods, it’s the 1st thing He tells us, so it must be important.
    Share the truth in love, draw others to the Grace and mercies of Jesus, our only Savior.

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