Freedom from Hatred and Suspicion

Peace replaces hatred after hearing from missionary
God used a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor like Pastor Usman to tell this man about the hope Christ freely gives.

Hatred and distrust had been Dipendra’s regular companions for years. He and his family vehemently opposed anyone who followed Jesus, launching insults at Christians and refusing to allow any believer to enter their house.

But then Dipendra found himself on the receiving end of hatred and suspicion. A rumor spread across Dipendra’s village and enraged his community: They suspected he participated in black magic. He was innocent and denied their accusations, but they hurled death threats at him in retaliation. Dipendra’s life was in upheaval, and he was terrified.

Love from Those He Hated

Not everyone in Dipendra’s village was seeking his life, however. One of Dipendra’s neighbors, a Christian man, had no hatred in his heart toward the accused man who opposed Christians so strongly. Instead, this believer had compassion for Dipendra, and he told his pastor about the death threats issued against Dipendra.

After hearing Dipendra’s story, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Usman soon visited the distraught man. Although Dipendra had refused to host believers in years past, he willingly welcomed the pastor and believers into his home.

Pastor Usman encouraged Dipendra by sharing that Jesus came to earth and can rescue people from fear and bring them hope. He shared from the Word of God, gave Dipendra some literature and prayed earnestly with him.

Peace from God

A few days later, Pastor Usman visited Dipendra again. But this time, he found a very different man from the fearful man he had spoken with on his first visit.

“I am no more scared,” Dipendra shared. “I came to know about [the truth of Jesus], which gives me peace and joy, even in my trouble.”

Dipendra eagerly asked Pastor Usman to tell him more about Jesus. Pastor Usman prayed for Dipendra again and helped him develop a better understanding of who Jesus is.

The next Sunday, Dipendra and his wife happily began joining worship services filled with believers—the very people they once mocked and despised. In the midst of their fear and worry, Dipendra and his wife found great peace and joy when they prayed to Jesus. As Dipendra heard about the God who is a refuge and shelter to all who call upon Him, faith and trust in Jesus sprouted in his heart.

Soon, Dipendra’s neighbors realized their accusations were false and relented of their attack against him. Dipendra and his wife recognized Jesus had answered their prayers, and they openly stated they would be forever His.

Through the kindness of a compassionate neighbor, the prayers of a loving pastor and the mighty demonstration of God’s power and grace, Dipendra found new life in Jesus. In Christ, he is freed from hatred and filled with hope.


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