Radio Vs. Black Magic

Freed thru radio from black magic
Radio is a powerful tool in Asia and provides words of encouragement and discipleship for any who tune in.

“Lord Jesus, if You are the real God, please save our lives.”

With a broken heart, a sickly body and attentive ears, Kallol formed these desperate words into a prayer. He was hungry to know this miraculous God he was hearing about through the radio broadcast.

Near Death

Peace was nowhere to be found within Kallol or his parents. An unknown sickness struck them, and no medicines or prayers from their priests offered any hope. In fact, their sickness was a result of black magic.

There were those who didn’t want to see Kallol and his family thrive. Their aim was destruction, and through black magic, they began to achieve their goal. Now, Kallol and his parents lay sick, unable to get out of bed and helpless against fast-approaching death. It was at this helpless moment that God broke through.

A Life-saving Program

One night, as Kallol turned the dial on his radio, he heard a radio pastor talking about Jesus and His ability to perform miracles. Kallol attentively listened to testimony after testimony of God’s healing touch demonstrated in peoples’ lives.

When the pastor began to pray over the air for those who needed healing, Kallol lifted up a prayer to Jesus, asking for His help if He was truly God. Heavy hearted, Kallol went to bed.

After he had fallen asleep, a bright light filled his room, and he heard the voice of the Lord.

When Kallol awoke the next morning, instead of being on the brink of death, he began a completely new life. During the night, Jesus had completely healed him and his parents!

Astonished at this miracle, each one decided Jesus would be the center of their lives.

Growing in the Lord

Kallol and his parents were eager to grow in their knowledge of Jesus, but they knew no one who could guide them in their walks with Him. They turned to their only available resource for discipleship—their radio—and found more Christian programs on the radio. Later, they discovered Gospel for Asia-supported radio programs. The never missed a broadcast, and they continually learned God’s Word and grew in their personal walks with Him.

Although they faced ridicule from their community, Kallol and his parents did not sway in their faith. They eventually found a nearby church and received discipleship from the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor.

Kallol matured in his faith and love of the Lord, and he committed his life to serving Him. He began talking about Jesus every day at his workplace and during his free time, and he even began helping in the men’s ministry in the church.

Kallol’s cry for help had been powerfully answered, and God showed up in a miraculous way, revealing He indeed is mighty to save!


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  1. Pauline

    Miracles are happening and Jesus be praised. I pray that countries like America and Canada would have the desperation like the wonderful people of other destitute lands who crave the gospel of Jesus in any way they can. Break our hearts for what breaks yours Jesus. Hang in there soldiers of the cross. Love your sister Pauline.

  2. Berneice

    Thank you Jesus! God is Good!

  3. Eugene

    I love these stories, thank you

  4. Ellen

    With Jesus all things are things are possible. You just have to believe and pray. He hears our prayers even in our darkest hours…Praise the Lord Jesus and always give thanks…Amen <3

  5. Keith

    So glad to hear stories like this. The people of the United States could use miracles but I doubt some of them would believe

  6. Nona

    I came to Christ through the radio program.
    It is a miracle how our LORD JESUS reachers the deepest parts of our hearts.
    It is a miracle how our Abba Father is reaching our understanding and transforming it completely.
    It is with gratitude and thanksgiving I come before our Lord Jesus to praise Him and worship Him- He is the Way, the Truth, the Love!

    GOD of the gods, LORD of the lords, the CREATOR of the Universe humbled Himself and reached my heart, cleansed me, restored me, the one who was blind – now can see!
    There is no right words that can describe the fulness of our thanksgiving…

    GOD is Good!
    We praise YOU LORD JESUS!

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