Praying for a Warm Sweater

Sweater and winter clothing for missionaries
“The winter kit given by [the church] is incredibly good and a health protector, too.” —Kirpal
When we think of tools for telling people about God’s gift of His Son, sweaters, jackets and scarves are not normally the first items that come to mind. But those who serve in frigid mountain regions or chilly plains know firsthand how valuable and necessary winter clothing is for their ministry.

When one area of Asia experienced an unusually cold winter one year, it made it difficult for families and missionaries to go about their daily activities.

“The winter is severe in my ministry place since it is surrounded by mountains,” shared Kirpal, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary. “The cold wave affects our health. Visiting believers and doing [ministry is] difficult during winter without the proper warm clothes.”

Missionaries Diligently Serve in the Cold

Kirpal was not alone in his struggle. Many other dedicated pastors and missionaries in his area also found it difficult to carry out their ministry in the wintery temperatures their region was experiencing. Traveling to lead prayer meetings or to meet families in other villages while wearing inadequate winter clothing was miserable, and it jeopardized their health.

But this cold missionary and 144 other Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers in his area received an answer to their prayers. The Body of Christ provided articles of warm winter clothing for these faithful ministers of His grace, an act which warmed hearts and bodies alike.

“My wife and I are blessed greatly,” one national missionary shared. “We actually didn’t have good warm clothes. At the time of our worry, God provided the best one through [the church].”

After receiving winter clothing, Daria presses her hands together in her cultural gesture of gratitude.

When Daria, another recipient of winter clothing, received her gifts, a wide smile spread across her face. The sweater and shawl were simple in weave and style, but they meant she wouldn’t have to battle the cold weather that was impacting the area where she served as a Sister of Compassion, and she could minister more effectively to the people living in the slum.

Another woman missionary expressed her gratitude for her new sweater, saying “I was praying for a pleasant sweater. Now God provided one for me. Thank you.”

The gift of winter clothing, one of the items in Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog, blesses pastors and villagers alike, and it enables them to carry out their necessary daily activities while reminding them of God’s provision and love.


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  1. Morike

    The Lord will always meet you at your point of need.The Lord who called you out has promised to back you up .so you won’t lack what you need to serve The Lord and do His work.
    Bless those who supported you and your ministry .

  2. Pastor Shyamal

    Please pray for my church member and my family.Thanks

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