Now She’s Double-Covered

Mosquito net and blanket for a poor widow
Saachi, her aunt Laboni and her 9-year-old son (pictured) received a mosquito net and a new blanket for the first time, as well as new hope in Jesus Christ.

Poverty and other hopeless situations are painfully common in many villages all over Asia.

These pains were all too real for Saachi and her family. Although her husband held down a job serving tea at a local shop, his earnings were little and provided just enough for the two of them and their 9-year-old son to survive.

Life was difficult for the family, and it only got worse when Saachi’s husband developed a tumor in his stomach. The small amount of money he made serving tea was not enough to cover the expenses of a much needed surgery.

Saachi’s husband lived in pain until his sickness overcame him and he succumbed to death. A true tragedy for this small family: a son without his father and a wife without her husband, left alone to care for her child.

Saachi and her son moved into her aunt Laboni’s house, and she tried to cope with the mental and financial crisis that confronted her. Her husband’s death left her feeling hopeless and desperate, eventually sinking her into a deep depression. She lost all desire to live.

Saachi tried her best to find peace from the gods of her traditional Asian religion by offering fervent prayers to them, but the peace she longed for didn’t come.

A Stranger’s Kindness

One day, Saachi met Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Pastor Pramesh, who led the local church. He shared about Jesus’ eternal love and the peace that comes from choosing to walk with Him.

Saachi listened carefully and shared with him all of her struggles and heartache. Pastor Pramesh prayed for Saachi and assured her of Jesus’ ability to heal her heart and to provide for her in the midst of her desperate situation.

After receiving these words of comfort, Saachi prayed to Jesus for deliverance from her agony and despair. He answered her cry, and for the first time in her life, she felt hope and the overwhelming peace of Jesus in her heart.

Gifts of Hope

Not long after, Pastor Pramesh organized a mosquito net and blanket distribution through the church, and he invited Saachi to come receive the free gifts. She was amazed at the generosity of the church and at God’s concern for each of her needs.

“During the winter, we did not have a good blanket for us. As we are very poor and do not have enough money, we were using the old blanket for [many] years,” Saachi said. “It is for the first time that I received a new blanket and mosquito net as my own. In our area, mosquitos breed a lot, and we suffer in the night as the mosquitos bite. I never expected a gift like this from anyone.”

Pastor Pramesh continued to visit Saachi and to minister to her through God’s Word, helping her understand the freedom and peace that is found in Jesus. Christ’s demonstration of care toward her touched Saachi’s heart, and she decided to embrace His eternal love for her.

Experiencing New Life

Saachi is finally at peace. She is walking with the Lord and is attending prayer meetings at the local church. God even blessed her with a job as a housekeeper to provide for her son.

God’s people shared Jesus’ love and compassion with Saachi in her time of need, and her life will be forever filled with His hope and peace.


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