Rescued from Leprosy and Hopelessness

Prayers heal man from leprosy
God healed Sundrit (pictured) from leprosy and gave him eternal hope.

Leprosy racked Sundrit’s body for eight years. The medications, ointments and treatments he received at the hospital failed to produce healing, as did the traditional god he worshiped.

As the years wore on, the young man’s hands and feet began bearing the telling marks of leprosy. After he lost his fingers and toes, Sundrit still managed to find ways to provide for his wife and son, yet the infectious disease continued destroying his body—and his hope of healing.

Leprosy Patient Hears of Jesus’ Healing Power

Then Sundrit heard about two men who had found healing from leprosy after simply praying to Jesus. One of the men, Gayan, had experienced miraculous healing from a wound in his leg through prayer and was later completely freed of his disease. Gayan’s testimony of answered prayer encouraged the other man to seek Jesus, which resulted in his healing as well.

A glimmer of hope shined within Sundrit. As he listened to the testimonies of the two men, a deep belief in Jesus’ healing power grew in his heart, and Sundrit decided to visit the local church to ask for prayer as well.

Sundrit arrived at the church with Gayan and participated in the worship service, learning more about this Jesus he knew so little about. While talking with the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor, Ajeet, after the service, Sundrit was encouraged when he learned Jesus has healed many people of leprosy throughout history.

Touched by Jesus’ Miracles

The stories of the miracles Jesus performed touched Sundrit’s heart and filled him with faith. Pastor Ajeet continually prayed for Sundrit over the following months, and Sundrit experienced his very own miracle: In just a few months, the disease was gone!

Although the disfigurement he suffered still remained, Sundrit discovered new life through his trust in Christ. He overflowed with gratitude toward Jesus for bringing health to his body and hope to his heart.

Sundrit found healing and encouragement through the testimony of God’s power demonstrated in the lives of others around him. Carrying a powerful testimony of his own, Sundrit began regularly attending the worship services, along with his family—the firstfruits of the miracle God performed in his life.


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  1. Jerri

    God bless him. All the praise and glory goes to Our Heavenly Father.✝️

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    What an encouraging story!

  3. Pauline

    God is in control. On the job 24/7. Glory to his name.

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    God is precious to always be so mindful of us!

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    Such good news, God
    Healing leopsry!!!

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    Praise be to God who gives us the victory through the Lord and savior Jesus Christ.ll

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    Thank you Lord…Praise YOUR HOLY NAME

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    Wow. That’s wonderful! God is love <3 Thank you for sharing Jesus with the world.

  9. Gina

    These poor, sweet people. I’m so glad GFA has such wonderful pastors, missionaries and faithful workers, helping the neediest of the needy. They’re doing this in Christ’s name and his name has power!! Praise God for his work in Asia and beyond! He truly is alive and active. Come Lord Jesus, and ease the pain of this suffering world!

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