Finding Hope Through the Neighbor Girl

Impact of Sunday school in Asia
Chamudi and her children (pictured)

Chamudi looked into her daughter’s questioning brown eyes. How could she resist? Giving her consent, she watched 10-year-old Rashmi trot off to Sunday School with her best friend, a little girl living next door. That day was the start of a new life for Chamudi and her three children.

A Family Without a Father

Chamudi’s husband, Lakmal, earned a living as a bus driver, but a stable job did not keep sorrow away from the family. He often returned home late at night or traveled on long trips. During one of his long driving trips, he had met a woman. Ignoring Chamudi’s pleas, he left her and their three young children to live with this other woman.

Chamudi was crushed. Without her husband, she had no way to provide food for her children or pay the rent for their home. Her children needed her care, and she could not leave them to find work. Chamudi struggled alone and told no one about her problems—not even her parents.

A Life-changing Invitation

Later, Chamudi’s oldest daughter, Rashmi, befriended a neighbor girl who attended Sunday School at a church led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Janith. Rashmi started joining her friend at Sunday school, happily participating in the classes and enjoying the action songs she learned. Over time, Rashmi joined the main worship service as well.

Pastor Janith noticed the new little girl in his church and soon visited her family. Chamudi shared about her family’s miserable condition and explained how she struggled to provide for her children. Pastor Janith advised her to tell her parents about her situation, and he comforted her by sharing about Jesus’ life and encouraging her to trust in the Great Provider.

Provision, Hope Through Jesus

Peace filled Chamudi’s heart when the pastor prayed for her, and she hungered to know more about the loving God who offers hope to poor women like her. The next Sunday, Chamudi and her other two children began joining little Rashmi for the weekly worship service.

One Sunday, Chamudi arrived home to discover her parents paying her a visit. When they learned of her struggles, they stepped in to provide for her house rent. Chamudi’s brother even helped her open a small grocery shop as a source of income for her family!

Recognizing these actions as answers to prayer and gifts from God, Chamudi embraced Jesus as her Savior the very next week. Faith continually grew in her heart, and hope replaced the worry that previously consumed her.

“Though my husband has left me, now I am happy that I found a loving God,” she shared. “I know my God is my provider.”


Through a little girl’s invitation to visit Sunday school, hope entered a discouraged family’s home. Read how a troubled woman found peace through her sister’s diligent prayers and invitations.

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  3. Kati

    Yes He is Ronald and He strengthens all who trust in Him. He is Love and He can fill your heart with love for others! Learn about Him and accept Him as your Savior and He will give you eternal life in Heaven!

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    Hallelujah. GOD works in mysterious ways.

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    Wuw ! God works wonders in his time; in different ways.
    now we pray for her (Chamudi) parents to find faith too.
    May God bless the pastor as he continues in His lead

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