Mother’s Day: A Time of Love and Celebration

It was Mother’s Day weekend, 2018. Over the two-day period, two separate groups of people assembled together. One group filled a small conference hall; the other was surrounded by tents. For both, this occasion was special.

These people all had one thing in common: poverty. The group in the conference hall was affected by leprosy, and those by the tents dwelled in a slum. A local church led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Sunirmal took the initiative to bless these precious people on Mother’s Day, providing all of them with a warm meal and God’s love.

Pastor Sunirmal, along with fellow believers, hands out food to grateful recipients.

Bringing Love to the Outcasts

The Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported fellowship had organized a program on the Saturday before Mother’s Day that would bless the local leprosy colony. This colony, comprised of 150 residents—56 afflicted with leprosy—is an area where Pastor Sunirmal and a team of Sisters of Compassion have been serving. The patients, who are unable to work, beg by the roadside, while some are completely bedridden. The sisters help provide care and comfort by giving baths, washing clothes and cooking food for the patients and their families.

The intention for this Mother’s Day program, focused on those affected by leprosy, was to bless the residents and their families. A prominent local health official who was attending, Pastor Sunirmal and the sisters all handed out food and offered encouragement.

One of the leprosy patients, Laghun, said, “We will not forget your services. The food today was truly tasty, and we all enjoyed the food.”

Pastor Sunirmal and the three Sisters of Compassion distribute food to the slum children and their families.

Let None Go Hungry

In addition to serving Laghun and the other patients in the leprosy colony, Pastor Sunirmal and the three Sisters of Compassion also minister to the surrounding slum. This slum houses nearly 250 families, with around 200 children. During the day, the parents work in some of the many factories manufacturing pencils, matchboxes, cement and polythene, while their children roam the slum with no supervision. Having seen this need, Pastor Sunirmal and the three sisters began their ministry to the residents of the slum.

Currently, the sisters provide classes for 150 children. As they teach major subjects, including English and mathematics, the sisters provide these impoverished children the opportunity to change their lives.

On Mother’s Day, Pastor Sunirmal arranged a program after the Sunday worship services. Much like the one organized for the leprosy patients, this event sought to bless those less fortunate by providing a hot meal.

Many residents gathered on the day of the program. Pastor Sunirmal shared about the importance of Mother’s Day and charged the children with obeying and respecting their parents. It was a time of joy and celebration, and for several attendees, it was the best food they’ve had.

“Today all of my family members ate food from your distribution,” said Rushad, a slum resident and father of five. “We are not going to cook food today because our stomachs are filled. Thank you for such service. Come always to us and it will be a great blessing.”

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