Finding More Than a Song

Mahitha held a small booklet in her hands. The words “God loves you” were printed on the front cover. Although the booklet and the concept were new to her, she had heard those words before. Mahitha looked at the men of God she had taken the booklet from.

“I would like you to come to my home and share the [Good News] with my husband, so that he would understand it,” Mahitha said.

After listening to a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio program, Mahitha (pictured) learned she is loved by God.

Searching for Sentimentality, Finding True Love

Mahitha and her husband struggled day after day to have enough to live on, even though Mahitha’s husband worked hard as a daily laborer. Mahitha didn’t miss a day of pleading with her gods to deliver her family from the poverty that trapped them.

One place of solace from the drudgery of poverty and unanswered prayers Mahitha found was in music. She often searched for sentimental songs on the radio or her mobile phone.

One evening, Mahitha was searching through stations on her radio, and a meaningful Christian song filled her ears. Mahitha stopped to listen. When the music faded, wonderful words came from the radio speakers—things Mahitha had never heard before.

“Many people do not have peace and love for others in their lives,” said the GFA-supported radio broadcaster. “They often go on pilgrimages to attain peace and salvation in their lives, but our Lord Jesus Christ Himself came to this world to love and give peace to everyone.”

This message was unusual. Mahitha had never heard any spiritual leader talk like this. Could Jesus truly bring her family peace and love? The message stirred her heart with hope. By the end of the radio program Mahitha decided she would find out more about Christ.

Church: Only for the Insane

Mahitha started tuning into the radio program regularly, and one day she asked her husband to go to church with her.

“People who go to church have gone insane, but we are not,” Mahitha’s husband said. “We do not have any problem. Then why do we need to go to church?”

His response disappointed Mahitha. She had hoped he, too, would be excited at the things she heard and shared with her husband from the radio station. But he didn’t see the need to know Christ.

Even though her husband’s heart wasn’t moved, Mahitha’s faith slowly bloomed. She kept listening to the radio program, and when the radio speaker prayed for the listeners, she joined in prayer. It was in these times of listening that Mahitha felt peace and joy inside.

Learning More About the God of Love

One day, Mahitha met Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Nadeem and some believers from his church. After she took the booklet from them, she talked about what she had been learning from the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio program.

Mahitha shared that she felt it would be impossible to follow the Lord without the permission of her husband. Would the team come and talk with her him?

A few days later, Pastor Nadeem came to their home and shared the Word of God with them and prayed for them.

“If she is interested in this religion, I will let her go to church,” Mahitha’s husband said, “but I will not go.”

From that day, Mahitha attended a nearby church and put her faith and hope in the love of God, as she longed to. Even though Mahitha’s husband is not always pleased with his wife’s new faith, she responds to her husband with love. Mahitha remains steadfast in her walk with the Lord and is an active member of the Women’s Fellowship in her church.

“I am so happy to know…[the] true God in my life through radio program.” Mahitha said.

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  1. Martina

    Bcause of God amazing love to me that I become a christian thirty five years on i am still experiencing God love in my life and since i became a widow God love has intensify for me as if i was the only women on earth where ever i go from church to the street i share his love with people I don’t know what i will do without him i want o love him as much as he love me, if only this world could believe how much God love them this world would be a better place, keep up the good work brother and sister, God will reward your good work, in our savior love and mine Martina

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