Celebrating Clean Hands

Soapy water spilled on the dirt ground as little hands rubbed together with enthusiasm. Village children were performing the technique they had just learned. Smiles strung across the faces of young and old alike as they washed their hands, participating in Global Hand Washing Day activities.

Some ladies from the Women’s Fellowship teach children how to properly wash their hands with soap and water

A Day Worth Celebrating

Last year GFA-supported workers across Asia joined together in spreading awareness about the importance of hand washing. Many villages and slums alike participated in activities organized by Sisters of Compassion, Women’s Fellowships, Bridge of Hope staff and Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors. In some areas they taught children action songs, followed by practical information on the importance of hand washing, explaining how this simple act helps prevent sicknesses and diseases.

Contagious smiles spread throughout communities like this one, as children and adults celebrated clean hands!

“We all usually get sick because of not washing our hands properly,” Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported worker, Kabirah, shared with a group of adults and children. “We touch dirty things everywhere, but when we come for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we just use little water to wash our hands and eat with the dirty hands.”

‘I Learned the Importance of Hand Washing’

The various gatherings sparked great joy in the lives of villagers and children as they received free education on the importance of practical hygiene.

Bridge of Hope students were able to participate in Global Hand Washing Day.

“Thank you, Women’s Fellowship team, for teaching us how to wash our hands,” said Madge, a village woman who attended a Global Hand Washing Day event put on by women in the local church. “Living in the village, we never use soap when we wash our hands; but today I learned the importance of handwashing.”

Bridge of Hope staff were grateful for the opportunity to celebrate health and hygiene while teaching their students.

“Now the children tell the parents about the importance of handwashing, and they are doing it without any parental help,” a Bridge of Hope staff member said.

Pray For This Years’ Events

Villagers learned about the importance of washing their hands.

Global Hand Washing Day is on October 15. Please pray for the activities and educational demonstrations on hand washing and hygiene that will take place this year. Please pray these events will be a huge blessing to communities like they were last year.

Read more about GFA-supported Global Hand Washing Day events.

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