The Weight of the World

Pastor speaks with man in need
Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors minister to all who are in need, like Paden (not pictured).

When Paden turned 12, his life drastically changed. His father passed away, leaving Paden, his mother and his two younger siblings all alone. The responsibility of caring for the family fell to Paden. His childhood was over.

The Man of the House

After the passing of his father, Paden shouldered the burden of providing for his family. Leaving school, Paden got a job selling clothing. After a few years of diligent labor and the help of a friend, Paden had saved enough money to find work internationally. He hoped to better provide for his family—but Paden’s new income wasn’t enough. He returned home after four years abroad, got married and resumed work in his clothing business.

Paden and his family were staunch traditionalists, following rites and rituals customary to their beliefs. Their convictions were put to the test when multiple family members developed health issues. Paden spent so much money on medication and treatments that his business went bankrupt. On top of it all, Paden’s younger brother fell dreadfully ill, and doctors were unable to diagnose him.

Near the End

Paden’s life seemed to be collapsing around him, and he was on the edge of losing hope. When he was wondering how he could turn his life around, Paden met Marut, a fellow businessman—and a believer. Upon listening to Paden’s struggles, Marut offered the young man a booklet about the love of God. He also told Paden the story of how Christ had freed him from both physical and spiritual afflictions.

Marut’s testimony astonished Paden—here was an answer to all his problems. Thanking Marut, the young man returned home, contemplating all he had heard. Curiosity and desperation won, and Paden made his way to the local church.

The Power of God’s Love

At the church, Paden met Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Paul and shared with him his story, his struggles and his failures. Pastor Paul prayed for Paden, offering the young man encouragement and comfort. He also offered Paden a Bible, inviting him to take it home and read it.

As Paden read, his heart began to soar. God was the answer he needed! He began attending Pastor Paul’s church, and soon, Paden and his entire family came to understand God’s love for them. In addition, God blessed the young man and his family financially, restoring Paden’s business within one month!

Like Marut, Paden now has a testimony of his own—one of God’s transformative love and blessing.

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    It is truly amazing to see how God works in the lives of individuals and transforms them from the inside out. At times we look for so many things to fill the sense of need we have, however this need can only be filled by God. He can do great things through us, as long as we realize how much we need Him to help guide our lives.

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