Family’s Provision Comes Dressed as a Sewing Machine

Woman with sewing machine
The gift of a sewing machine can change a family’s life, providing much-needed income.

Every day, Harjap and Farrukh would leave the home they rented to look for work. Whatever job they found that day would, quite literally, provide for their family’s daily bread. Though they worked hard, some days there was simply no work available, which caused severe financial strain on the family. Other days they found work, but it required them to work on Sunday. They often had to miss church, but there was no other choice. Harjap and her husband had to work.

On multiple occasions, Harjap came to their Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Misal with tears in her eyes as she lamented over the family’s financial troubles. Not only was their financial instability difficult, but Harjap was also grieved by their inability to regularly attend church and learn more about God.

Pastor Misal would encourage Harjap from God’s Word and remind her that God has a solution for every problem, including her family’s financial situation. He prayed for the family continually, and Harjap and Farrukh continued to trust that God would provide for their employment and financial needs.

Special Skill Discovered

One day, when Pastor Misal was visiting with the family, he learned Harjap had a valuable skill. Before getting married, she had learned the trade of tailoring. Leaving their home that day, the pastor kept this information in mind.

Not long afterward, Pastor Misal’s leaders arranged an event to provide members in the community with Christmas gifts to help them earn a living. He submitted Harjap’s name as one deserving of a gift.

Life-Changing Gift

One day in February, Harjap received the gift of a sewing machine. The priceless gift allows her to work from home, using her tailoring talents to support her family.

The family was overjoyed to receive the gift. They were thankful for Pastor Misal and for the church. The family was also immensely grateful to the Lord for answering their prayers and providing a steadier income. Through experiencing God as Provider, Harjap and her family’s faith was strengthened.

Harjap is now steadily employed at home, creating clothes for her neighbors. Her husband still works as a daily laborer, but if work is not available, God continues to provide for the family through Harjap’s income.

Not only does the family regularly attend church on Sundays, but they are also able to participate in other church activities as well. Every month, the family joyfully adds their tithe to the church’s collection. The generous gift of a sewing machine has richly blessed Harjap and her family.

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