Surprised with Hope

Euna could not believe her eyes. The gift the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor held in his hands would change her life for the better. With tears of joy, she happily accepted the piglet, carefully taking it from Pastor Rasik.

An Answered Prayer

For Euna, this piglet provided the extra income she needed to help her and her son survive. When Euna’s husband passed away from stomach cancer, she found herself thrust into the same situation many widows face. She became the family’s breadwinner and struggled to make enough.

Euna took up work as a daily laborer. She worked menial and rough jobs, such as construction labor, gathering sand and grinding pebbles for building materials. Euna strove to send her son to school. Despite the toil, despite the burden, Euna persevered.

Praying Without Ceasing

Day after day, Euna worked and worked. As Euna’s situation became more and more precarious, her prayers became more and more fervent. Many tears were shed out of frustration and desperation. The one thing Euna prayed for most earnestly was a piglet.

A piglet would lift Euna’s burden by providing additional income for her and her son. Future litters could be sold, and adult pigs could be either sold or used for meat. The change even just one piglet provides for families in need is powerful, and it was exactly what Euna and her son needed.

Euna, like this woman pictured, now rejoices at the piglet she has received thanks to Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Christmas gift distributions.

God Hears and Answers

Pastor Rasik knew of this widow’s plight. He also knew of her desire for a piglet. So when he organized a Christmas gift distribution, Euna, along with others in need, attended the celebrations. When Euna’s name was called, she saw Pastor Rasik holding a piglet for her.

Her prayers answered, Euna said, “Now I am very happy. The Lord Almighty heard my cry. I thank the pastor for providing me a piglet. I will take care of it well.”

Euna’s pleas and cries for help were heard; God answered through Pastor Rasik and a Christmas gift distribution.

“Sister Euna was really in need,” Pastor Rasik said. “So we have provided her a piglet. I pray and believe that this piglet [will] become a medium of blessing in her family.”

Already, the piglet has blessed Euna and her son tremendously. Growing in size, the pig produces enough manure to fertilize their garden and increase vegetable production.

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  1. Yvonne

    Sending Prayers to all our persecuted Sisters and Brothers. God Bless You all! There is not a day that goes by that i don’t pray! God be with you all!

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