Missionary’s Miraculous Life of Ministry

pastor Haatim with wife and two sons
Pastor Haatim with his wife and two sons.

Growing up, Pastor Haatim knew about Jesus, but it wasn’t until he attended a local Christian school that he began to know Jesus as an intimate friend. After school, he attended Bible college. While a student, Pastor Haatim asked God where he should live and minister upon graduation. Through a series of events including a vision and a dream, God led Pastor Haatim to begin his ministry in a village he had visited with a friend from mission school.

The Early Days

When Pastor Haatim arrived at his new home, he was met by people struggling with much sickness and sadness. He himself had been born crippled in one leg, and Pastor Haatim couldn’t wait to meet his neighbors. He decided to take a tour of the village, traveling door to door to help his community in the best way he knew how and to share with them the love of Jesus. His leg could easily have been a deterrent, but Pastor Haatim mounted his motorbike and began introducing himself to the members of his community.

It was clear God provided him with the strength he needed to make his way through the village. As a result, the villagers learned they could come to Pastor Haatim with their various illnesses and problems.

Mr. Shaan, whose hands were covered with white patches that were spreading to the rest of his body, asked Pastor Haatim to pray for him and then experienced complete healing! Another villager, Aaina, requested that Pastor Haatim pray for her son who was experiencing unexplained bleeding in his leg. With prayer and faith, Pastor Haatim sought the Lord for a miracle, and the young boy was soon healed.

Pastor Haatim prays for healing after meeting a man afflicted with sickness.

The villagers saw firsthand the miraculous healing power of the God Pastor Haatim served. Through these miracles and Pastor Haatim’s description of Jesus’ love for each of them, many villagers decided to begin a personal relationship with Jesus.

Growing Ministry Looks Ahead

As many people came to know the love and miracle-working power of Jesus, the community of believers began to grow. Unfortunately, despite the help and hope Pastor Haatim’s ministry provided the village, there were some who practiced other religions and did not want Pastor Haatim to remain in the town.

The new believers were strong in their faith, however, and did not allow the disapproval of others to persuade Pastor Haatim to leave the village. Instead, Pastor Haatim stayed and continued encouraging his neighbors, praying for healing and abundant life. He was even able to journey to nearby villages, meet new friends and share the hope he experienced in his own life.

Today, there are more than 100 people living in villages near Pastor Haatim who worship the Lord. The fellowship continues to grow as God’s servant faithfully proclaims the goodness of Christ in word and deed to those around him.


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