Tuning in to Hope

In remote villages, radio may be the only chance people have to hear about Christ.
Kaneila found hope through a Gospel for Asia (GFA) radio program.

It was a day like any other for Kaneila. She completed her household tasks, attended to her children’s needs and did what she could to prepare for her husband’s return home from working in the Philippines. As she settled in to listen to her radio, she was drawn by the message of Bishop Antonius Mor Eusebius on a Gospel for Asia (GFA) radio program. Seeking merely soothing sounds, Kaneila found soothing words for her soul and tuned in regularly, searching for that same voice.

Hearing and Hiding

Soon after listening to the radio program, Kaneila connected with her neighbor, a member of the GFA church in her village, and expressed how she enjoyed the program. From then on, Kaneila and her neighbor developed a deeper friendship that helped the mother grow in her understanding of Jesus. Eventually, Kaneila joined her neighbor in worshiping Jesus at the local church.

Kaneila loved learning about Jesus, but fearing her husband’s reaction to her newfound faith, she read her Bible in secret.

Tears, Testimonies and Transformations

When Kaneila’s husband found out she was attending church, he grew furious. He beat her and coerced her to not go. Fearful, Kaneila thought the only way to protect herself was to go back to her old ways, abandoning her faith in Jesus.

Hearing of her difficult situation, the pastor of the church she had been attending reached out to her; so did many of Kaneila’s neighbors. They visited her, read Scripture, and shared their own testimonies of how Jesus worked in their lives. Kaneila was encouraged by their words, and she continued praying for her own protection as well as her husband’s transformation.

After four months of diligent prayer and enduring faith, Kaneila received an answer. Kaneila’s faith in Jesus had changed her, and her husband had taken notice. Her attitude and behavior touched his heart deeply, and he allowed her to go to church again. He even asked her to pray for certain things in his own life.

Kaneila is now an active member of the local church. She attends all spiritual programs and helps however she can. Kaneila no longer lives in fear of her husband’s reactions but enjoys the freedom, healing and soothing of soul she has found through Jesus Christ—all thanks to a radio program.


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