Prayer Unlocks Abundant Blessings for Key Maker

Man praying
Like the man pictured, Talak has learned the power of prayer and its effectiveness in overcoming life’s challenges.

Talak, 45, operated his own roadside business as a key maker, but for it to be successful, he had to overcome a mound of difficulties.

In Asia, making keys can provide a decent income. However, with no guiding regulations in the industry, it is up to each individual key maker to display integrity and discern whether a potential customer is the rightful owner of the key to be duplicated—or a thief. Due to the challenges of his profession, Talak sometimes had to turn down work and, consequently, income.

His work and ability to procure income for his family suffered also because of a medical condition that caused uncontrollable seizures, which did not wait for an “opportune” time and location. Such incidents caused Talak to fall in the middle of the street or throw stones at others like a madman. This didn’t help attract customers or bolster Talak’s business. Talak took medication, but it did not prevent the seizures.

Talak’s elder son also worked as a key maker. Instead of supporting the family and alleviating Talak’s troubles, however, his son spent his earnings buying drugs and hanging out with bad company.

For all Talak’s efforts, it appeared he and his family were destined to scrape by in poverty, with life’s bare necessities and exhaustion as the only rewards for all his work.

Power of Prayer

One day, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Ebin and a few members from his church encountered Talak beside the road with his tools, looking for work. He was tired, frustrated and dejected. Once again, he had no customers.

Talking to Talak, the team learned of his many difficulties. They told Talak about Jesus, who was able to take all Talak’s burdens and provide for his needs. Talak eagerly listened, their words refreshing his weary soul.

Talak welcomed the group of believers to his home, where they continued to visit with Talak and his family. From then on, Pastor Ebin visited regularly to pray with Talak, his wife and his younger children.

As they prayed, Talak’s health and outlook improved. He experienced the healing power of Jesus in his life, and his worries lessened.

Initially, Talak’s older son chose not to attend the prayer meetings. When he fell ill one day, however, Pastor Ebin was asked to pray for his recovery. Through the pastor’s prayer, God restored the young man’s health, and Talak’s elder son began to show an interest in what Pastor Ebin shared with his family.

He started to join the prayer meetings, and Talak’s entire family regularly attended weekly worship services at Pastor Ebin’s church. The more they learned about Jesus, the more they wanted to know. One by one, they decided to enter a personal relationship with Him.

Shower of Blessings

Over the next year, Talak’s health continued to improve, until one day he was completely healed from his ailments.

Then Talak received an unexpected blessing: an additional source of income! At a Christmas gift distribution organized by his church, Talak was blessed with a tricycle cart. The cart allowed him to earn more income by transporting goods.

What once seemed like a life destined for hardship transformed into a life filled with blessings. Poverty is no longer the banner over Talak and his family. Instead, they have a testimony of prayer—and of life in abundance.


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