Woman Finds Freedom Through Radio

Treatments, medicine, rituals and sacrifices—no matter what Gagana and her husband tried, nothing seemed to work.

Spiritual Warfare

Gagana and her husband, Shreyars, lived in a rural village in Asia. Farming and agriculture were the primary sources of income for the villagers. The people strictly observed local traditions and practices. Gagana and Shreyars were among the especially devout, visiting shrines and partaking in nine-day fasts every year.

For 15 years, problems had beset the family. Gagana suffered mentally and physically. Stomach pains wracked her body, followed by mental disturbances. Wife and husband searched for relief, but hospital visits, treatments and medications did nothing.

Eventually, Gagana and Shreyars came to the conclusion it was spiritual in nature and consulted local shrines, but no relief came. Gagana’s anxiety and fear grew with each attack of the spirit. She attempted to take her own life multiple times to put an end to her suffering, but Shreyars always intervened. The spiritual attacks continued, leaving husband and wife without hope.

Like this couple, Gagana and Shreyars listened to a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported weekly radio program, discovering the love of God and the freedom brought through His love.

The Power of Prayer

A neighbor of the family saw their struggle and told them of a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio program that aired every Friday in their specific language. Desperate for any help, the couple tuned in. Once a week, for four months, Gagana and Shreyars tuned in to the radio station. But one day, something special happened.

One particular Friday, the speaker on the radio program was praying for any sick or ailing people. As soon as Gagana heard the words of healing and hope, she let out a loud shout. Seconds later, the woman collapsed.

As she came to her senses, Gagana realized something: Her mind was clear. There were no severe stomach pains or mental disturbance. She was free.

The Love of the Lord

Gagana and Shreyars immediately went to their neighbor and asked for the local church’s address. The following Sunday found husband and wife at the church. They told Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Rishaav their story and how Gagana was freed from the harassing spirit. Pastor Rishaav, the very same speaker on the radio program, listened to their tale. Upon hearing of Gagana’s miraculous relief, Pastor Rishaav shared the love of God with them. The believers and pastor prayed for and encouraged the husband and wife.

Now, Gagana and Shreyars sit among the congregation, worshiping and praising with their fellow believers. No longer do they live in fear and anxiety; they celebrate the love of God.

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