Tough Questions Now Answered

Tajim pondered the truthful but alarming words he heard through the radio speakers. A deep question arose in his heart: If I die today, where will I go? Tajim wanted to learn more about this Jesus he heard spoken about through the program he tuned into. Could Christ rescue him from an eternity of complete separation from God?

Seeds Began to Sprout

This is Tajim and his wife. Tajim is sure to remind all his neighbors to tune into the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio program every day.

Tajim wasn’t always open to Jesus. He had grown up worshiping his traditional gods and goddesses, and he didn’t have any interest in Christ. But Tajim knew a man who was a radio producer for GFA-supported radio programs, and curiosity drove him to start listening every day.

One day, a message on the topic of heaven and hell caused Tajim to think more deeply about life and what would happen after he died. Gradually, seeds of the good news were planted in his heart. As years passed, he continued to listen to these programs and grow in the knowledge and wonder of Jesus.

Finally, Tajim decided to take his questions about Jesus and life after death to someone he knew loved God: Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Maldev, who served in Tajim’s area. The pastor encouraged and prayed for Tajim and his family. During their conversation, Pastor Maldav shared with them from God’s Word and invited Tajim to come to church on Sunday.

Tajim did attend church a few Sundays later, and everything he heard over the radio became real and tangible as he decided to draw near to Christ. Today, he listens to the radio as a changed man. He now has the love and peace of Christ dwelling in his once-questioning heart—and the assurance of where he’ll be after he dies.

Every day Tajim reminds his neighbors to tune into the radio channel so they, too, can hear encouraging messages that may change their lives. He wants his friends and relatives to experience and understand the God of love, just as he has.

A Positive Impact in the Air

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio is a blessing and a joy to those who listen to the inspiring messages. By God’s grace, many are able to experience the love and power of Christ, as the airwaves bring a message of hope that transcends borders.

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