Lonely Man Revived by the Turn of a Dial

Kvanh has his life changed through the radio
A radio program about Jesus reached the lonely Kvanh as he sat in his shop waiting for customers. He found hope in the message, and when he met a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported national worker, Kvanh felt he was meeting a friend.

Kvanh grew up in a harsh mountain climate, toiling away alongside his family to cultivate land for their livelihood. Unable to go to school, Kvanh spent his time studying religious books with his father.

When Kvanh was 20, his family pressured him to marry—something he knew he wasn’t ready for, but it was impossible for him to fight against the tradition of marrying young. The fear of not being able to provide for a wife and build a happy home gnawed at his heart. As a young husband, Kvanh worked day and night in the fields to support his wife. He even picked up additional labor jobs when he could find them, but his wife often complained that he didn’t do enough. Her criticism made Kvanh despair of their marriage ever being happy, though he loved his wife dearly. One day, Kvanh’s wife left him for another man, and his nightmare became reality.

Loneliness, anger and mental anguish consumed Kvanh. Afraid the young man might go insane, Kvanh’s family scraped together enough money to send him abroad to escape the memories that haunted him.

Kvanh found himself in a bustling city wit

h millions of people—yet still alone. He found work in the construction industry and abandoned himself to a hedonistic life, satisfying the urges of today in exchange for a peaceful future.

Moving Home, yet Loneliness Followed

After 25 years of wasting his life one day at a time, Kvanh wearied of carrying on in this way. He decided to go back home. With the small amount he had managed to save, Kvanh opened a small shop in his childhood village. His shop, not very popular, left Kvanh sitting alone with a lot of time to think. He often turned on the radio for company, spending hours with the radio hosts of various shows.

One day, while switching the radio dial, he heard someone say the name “Jesus.” He paused his scrolling and listened intently about remission of sins through the sacrifice of Jesus. His heart burned within him as the radio host taught about the very questions that Kvanh had been struggling with for so long. He learned that cleansing of sin was possible and peace with God attainable, the very things that had always eluded Kvanh.

As the preacher kept sharing, he quoted a verse that burst within Kvanh like a shower of fireworks: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Kvanh felt tears streaming down his face as he realized God loved him and made a way for his sins to be forgiven through His Son.

Companions for the Journey

Kvanh wanted to know more about Jesus who did so much for him, but he wasn’t sure how. Then, one day when he was sitting at his shop waiting for the customers who seldom came, a man approached him and introduced himself as Pastor Milit from a nearby Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported church. Kvanh, recognizing the name of the church, asked the man if he knew the radio speaker who had impacted his life so much. Indeed, Pastor Milit did know him!

Kvanh felt an instant connection to the friend of the radio preacher, and he shared his life story with Pastor Milit, detailing the ups and downs and the valleys of darkness he had walked through all alone. Pastor Milit’s heart grew tender for this man who had lived his life seeking pleasure but always had found loneliness instead.

Kvanh and Pastor Milit became fast friends and talked about God and His path for Kvanh’s life.

Kvanh, now living in the reality of God’s love and forgiveness, has become an active member in Pastor Milit’s church. The church members have become a family for Kvanh. What a blessing for a man who lived in the dark cave of loneliness for most of his life, who now has a Father in heaven, a brother in Jesus and brothers and sisters in the church walking with him day by day.

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  1. Phillip

    I am overwhelmed , at 4.00am I sit , truly now awake as I read another beautiful simple way that Jesus sees the loneliness inside a person and turns that into joy, amazing , having your literature G.F.A. and donating in any small way , when I can is nowhere near the Work of The Lord, thank you , most inspiring- I will remember in my Ministry, in the hustle bustle ‘ of Life : God’s Word is all We need, Amen, Blessings G.F.A brothers and sisters.

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