Life is not easy for the women of Asia, but there are dedicated Gospel for Asia supported women missionaries who reach into the lives of hurting women and bring them from despair to the Hope of Jesus.

Too Sick to Beg

The 65-year-old woman lay still in the small bed. Nabanipa had been confined there for three days and still no one had come. Sickness robbed her of strength, and the elderly widow…


No Longer Ashamed

A Gospel for Asia Women’s Fellowship organized a literacy class to teach and encourage women how to read and write. Twenty-nine women from five local churches attended the class. One woman named…

Neela practices her newly learned writing skills during the Women’s Fellowship literacy class.

The Bitter Tears of a Helpless Mother

Nadia sat outside her home crying bitterly. Her youngest son had malaria, and there was nothing she could do to help him. She helplessly looked on as her little boy kept getting…

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Nadia’s tears turned to joy after God healed her son of malaria.

Remembering the Forgotten

Disgraced. Disregarded. And sometimes considered cursed by the gods—this is the life of South Asia’s disabled people. According to statistics from The World Bank, India alone has between 40 to 80 million…


Mother’s Journey Back to God

It didn’t seem fair to Tamasi. She loved her baby daughter and thought she’d get to see her take her first steps, graduate high school, get married and have children of her…

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