Too Sick to Beg

WidowThe 65-year-old woman lay still in the small bed. Nabanipa had been confined there for three days and still no one had come. Sickness robbed her of strength, and the elderly widow had no way of going out to beg for food as she normally would. She waited anxiously, hoping someone would stop in to check on her, but not even her grown children cared enough to help.

Angels in Disguise

Gospel for Asia’s local Women’s Fellowship group found out about Nabanipa’s situation and immediately came to her aid. The sisters prayed for Nabanipa and carefully bathed and fed her. Along with a few other believers, they stayed by her side during five days of recovery, sharing the love of Jesus through their every action.

Nabanipa was deeply impacted as these women cared for her, and she decided to embrace the God they followed. As she grew in the Lord, she saw the reality of His love as He took care of her every need. Today, because God has provided for her through the Women’s Fellowship group, Nabanipa no longer has to beg for food and is growing strong in the Lord.

Partner in prayer with us for the widows of South Asia.


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