By Malaria or Murder

MotherAadita cried out loudly. Someone was trying to kill her, she screamed. Would anyone save her?

Although the pleas broke her heart, Aadita’s mother, Sachika, was hardly moved to action. If she rushed to the rescue, she already knew what she would find: Aadita, completely alone, insisting that death was at her door.

In a sense, Aadita was right. In addition to being tormented by evil spirits, she had recently been infected with malaria, and no medicine the priests gave her had cured either matter.

Even if it wasn’t by murder, Aadita would likely die soon.

A New Proposition

When Pastor Kalapriya first visited their home, it was only to be a short visit on his way to church, but Sachika and Aadita’s need was quickly apparent. He told them about an upcoming Christmas gift distribution program and invited Sachika to come.

To her surprise, Sachika received a blanket at the program, and she eagerly listened as another pastor shared about Jesus.

“The love of God is for all those who are in need,” he said,” not only in materials, but in everything. He helps people through His Son, Jesus Christ.”

For years, she had followed her own traditional gods, but that evening, Sachika decided to ask Jesus to heal her daughter. Then she and Aadita covered themselves with the blanket and fell asleep.

According to Their Faith

As the sun rose the next morning, Sachika and Aadita were full of joy. The night had been free of evil spirits, the blanket had protected them from the cold and all signs of Aadita’s malaria were gone.

Sachika called Pastor Kalapriya and told him of the miracle that had taken place. After praying with the pastor, the mother and daughter decided they wanted to follow Jesus with all their hearts. And now they sleep peacefully through the night, knowing their God is able to protect them from all harm.

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  1. ahmet

    What a powerful story! Lord, I pray that more people are set free from evil spirits when blankets are given to them! I also pray for more ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD salvations to come! Many many many more! In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

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