A Prisoner Set Free

Hungry ManAs he walked out the prison doors and breathed the fresh air of freedom, Ibrahim should have felt only relief, but his perilous position was hard to forget.

Six months ago, he’d been arrested at the border between his country and its northern neighbor. Like many others, he had made his living by crossing over to find work.

Now that he was out of jail, he didn’t know anyone in the area to help him. With no food or place to stay, his good health soon deteriorated.

One day, though, a missionary named Tamkinat visited the area to share the love of Jesus with the people who lived and worked there.

Seeing Ibrahim’s poor condition, Tamkinat asked the other villagers about him. He took Ibrahim to a hospital and prayed for him. As Ibrahim’s health improved, Tamkinat allowed him to live at the church and encouraged him through the Bible.

Ibrahim began attending worship services, and as he experienced Tamkinat’s genuine care, he began to understand the grace of Jesus and chose to follow Him.

“I am so thankful to God for caring for and loving me,” he said. “In fact, I have now committed the rest of my life for Jesus.”

Now, as Ibrahim grows in his faith, the fellowship is praying for the Christians he met in prison, trusting God will lovingly protect and provide for them, too.

Many prisoners don’t have to wait for release to hear the Good News. Read what happens when a missionary goes to prison.

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