Woman Escapes Abuse, Hate

women gathering together at a womens fellowship and praying.
Saoirse leads a Women’s Fellowship, like the one pictured, where women gather together, encouraging one another in the love of God and reaching out to the local community with the love of Christ.

Saoirse, a pastor’s wife and the leader of the local Women’s Fellowship, was out one day with a few members of the fellowship looking to offer God’s love to any who might need it. As Saoirse conversed with a woman named Lanai, she learned the lady already prayed to God; in fact, He had already done a miracle in Lanai’s life.

Bearing Her Burdens Alone

Lanai’s marriage, typical of marriages in her region, was arranged by her parents. Her husband, Radburne, had seemed a good man at first. A few months into their marriage, however, Lanai discovered Radburne was addicted to both alcohol and drugs. He grew violent and abusive, selling all of Lanai’s possessions and threatening her with physical harm if she did not give him what he wanted.

In fear for her life, Lanai reported Radburne to the police. Then, she filed for divorce and got a court restraining order against Radburne—she needed to be free.

But the freedom Lanai wanted would not come so easily. Amidst the tumult, Lanai discovered she was pregnant. When Radburne found out, he vehemently denied being the father, heaping verbal and physical abuse upon Lanai despite the restraining order. He claimed the baby was another man’s and filed a court case against Lanai to disprove the parentage.

Lanai could not take it. With all the false accusations and abuse, she suffered a nervous breakdown. There was no solution for her problems, no matter where she looked or who she turned to. Her fellow villagers offered no help or comfort. They looked at the struggling woman with disdain. Even her parents judged her, saying she could have been a better wife.  And if that weren’t enough, Lanai’s home needed restoration work. Everything around Lanai seemed to be falling apart.

Prayer Brings Freedom

Lanai gave birth to a daughter, and one day a neighbor’s relative had compassion on the young mother and told her about a local church where people had received answers to their prayers and problems. Lanai felt a glimmer of hope. There seemed to be nothing else that could help her, so why not go?

When Lanai stepped into the church, she saw men and women praying. A sense of peace and strength took hold in her heart, and Lanai began praying like the others. Every Tuesday, she tried to make it to the church so she could pour her heart out to the God the others prayed to. She wanted the case against her dismissed. She wanted a new life with her daughter. She wanted peace.

The Lord answered. Two months later, Lanai’s case was finalized, and Radburne, who had since left her, was ordered to pay monthly compensation for their daughter’s care and education. Not too long after that, Lanai found a job at a local garment factory, where she could earn enough money to repair her home.

A Hopeful Future

After listening to Lanai’s story, Saoirse reaffirmed that if Lanai truly believed in Christ and prayed with her whole heart, He would listen and answer. Lanai was happy; she truly wanted peace in her life after what she had endured.

Now, Lanai happily attends the church led by Saoirse’s husband, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Nathin. She regularly meets with other believers, rejoicing in the peace found in God. Every week, Saoirse and Pastor Nathin visit Lanai at her home, praying for and encouraging the single mother, filling her home with joy.

“I suffered a lot and went through a lot of shameful experiences,” Lanai said. “I was sick and mentally unstable because of all the situations I had to face, but [I] got hope through God’s love experienced in the Church. … Many women are suffering like me because of bad relationships and family problems in our area. I want to be an example to them and share my testimony.”


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