Keeping Her Eyes on Her Calling

woman worshipping in a church with other women.
Gaile, like these Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries pictured, helps bring God’s love to the neediest of communities.

As Gaile prepared to head out after her father’s funeral, the young woman was stopped by her mother and several other relatives.

Don’t continue in this endeavor, they said, and admonished her to give up the dream she pursued. But Gaile wouldn’t. She had been called.

A Life Worth Living

Gaile was one of six siblings. Four sisters were all married with families of their own, and one of them married a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor. Through him, both Gaile—then 12 years old—and her sister came to know of God’s love for them. Gaile eventually answered the Lord’s calling on her life to serve Him in full-time ministry and attended one of our ministry training centers.

Three years later, Gaile graduated. Her first assignment was to travel with others as part of a film team, showing movies about the life of Jesus. Wherever they went, Gaile and the team brought with them the love that had inspired Gaile, a love that offered the broken and the downtrodden hope in Christ.

It was while on this assignment that Gaile received terrible news from home: Her father had passed away. After the funeral, Gaile’s mother and other relatives—disapproving of her work as a Christian—attempted to persuade Gaile to give up her calling.

But the young woman knew she needed to pursue the Lord’s call on her life, so she rejoined her film team, and they continued on, traveling from village to village.

A year and half later, Gaile enrolled in a seminary. Despite most of her family’s dissatisfaction with her choices, Gaile called them often to encourage them with God’s love.

Not Without Hardship

Once Gaile had completed an additional three years of in-depth theological instruction, the energetic and driven young woman joined the leadership of the regional Women’s Fellowship. She helped train others to teach literacy classes; she also helped organize health-care training seminars, seminars for pastors’ wives and ministry in the slums.

“I am so glad that God has chosen me to do His ministry with Women’s Fellowship,” Gaile said. “It is my desire to help the poor and orphan children in the society and [bring them Christ’s love].”

To the recipients of Gaile’s work, she was a blessing and an encouragement; she provided tangible hope amidst despair. But she hasn’t been without her own hardships.

Once, for six months, Gaile’s appendix caused her deep pain—enough to prevent her from sleeping. Doctors recommended she have an operation, but she trusted the Lord for healing, and after Gaile spent much time in prayer, her appendix healed miraculously.

Then, a growth appeared on her wrist. With faith, Gaile proclaimed, “The same God who healed me in the past will heal me again.”

And He did. All these miracles and wonders that God had worked in Gaile’s life, served to firmly affirm her decision from those years ago—following His call in her life had been the right thing.

Despite the various challenges Gaile faced and the opposition to her ministry, her faith has never wavered. Even those family members who once disapproved of Gaile’s choice are happy for her and the joy she has in her life. She is still believing and praying for her family to embrace Jesus’ love.


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