Restored by the God Who Gave Her Breath

A baby girl gasped her first breath of air. As people held Maisie’s tiny body on the day of her birth, no one knew that the day would come when she would be violently abused by her husband. No one knew when that little breath of air entered the world that the day would eventually come when Maisie would long […] Read more »

Women Missionaries Teach Menstrual Hygiene in Gypsy Colony

As the women missionaries entered the gypsy colony, they could see garbage and waste strewn around and children playing in the filth. As they walked through the colony, their hearts were saddened to see the poor living conditions of the people. The sisters could see a few homes within the colony, but the majority of the people lived in makeshift […] Read more »

Widow Is No Longer Alone

Dazi wasn’t expecting company in her one room, thatched-roof home, but she welcomed three compassionate-looking women inside. Mahia, Subi and Pema introduced themselves, kindness gleaming from their eyes. The aged widow observed by the ladies’ form of dress that her guests, clad in white and gray, had come to serve. Dazi soon found out they were GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion. […] Read more »

Hope Is Born When Widows Meet

Kalinda had once lived happily among her family members and all who knew her. She was recognized throughout her village as a good lady who honored the elderly and loved the young ones. Life was normal and blissful for her hardworking husband and two growing sons. They worked side by side each day, tending to the needs of the family. […] Read more »

Pakshi and the Mountain Village

Pakshi set out on an arduous journey with one thing in mind: displaying Christ’s love. Her destination was a remote village in the mountains. The dangers of the wild did not deter her from remaining steadfast, but would the people she’d meet receive her? Dangers of the Wild In 2010, Pakshi, leader of a Women’s Fellowship team, learned about an […] Read more »

Peace That Surpasses Sadness

Overcome by sadness, Mayra held no hope for her future. As a widowed mother of three, she was torn between leaving this world and staying with her children. Would anything come into her life to keep her going? Stripped of Joy Mayra spent her childhood in an area of Asia where child marriage was commonly practiced. In her youth, Mayra […] Read more »

A Fellowship of Compassion

Having a child often brings joy to the lives of most who are expecting. The months preceding a baby’s arrival may be filled with shopping, birthing classes, painting rooms and other things to prepare for life with a new little one around. For 25-year-old Ganitha, however, this was not the case. Ganitha’s pregnancy brought an illness that would overtake her […] Read more »

Literacy Training Leads to Healing

How does a women’s literacy program result in physical healing? For Ragi, learning to read and write was not the only benefit of attending an adult literacy class. What she found was something that no doctor could offer. Literacy Class Effects Positive Change GFA-supported women missionaries offer many services to the communities they serve in. A group of women missionaries, […] Read more »

A Cure for Loneliness

“There is nobody to help me,” Maina said. “I have no strength.” Ladies from a Women’s Fellowship listened intently as Maina shared her hardships of being ill. Left Alone to Suffer A year had gone by since doctors told Maina that she had a tumor in her stomach. She did what she could to survive amid her pain, but Maina […] Read more »

Dispensing Love Amid a Slum

Hopelessness and tension permeated the already polluted air. Slum homes lined the open field. Families struggling to provide, fathers addicted to the bottle and helpless widows lived here together, huddled under their makeshift homes. For them, the future looked bleak. But hope walked into the slums as women attired in white and gray saris stepped inside the miserable slum alleyways. […] Read more »

Widows Trade Their Sorrows for Joy

Mahiya found herself sitting inside a church building, surrounded by a huge crowd of people worshiping Jesus. Something stirred within her pursuing heart. Ever since her husband’s death, she was seeking an answer to her turmoil—maybe this was the answer she was searching for? Maybe this would stop her worrying about her fatherless children? Maybe here she could find hope […] Read more »

Health for the Next Generation

Women listened intently to the speaker in front of them. New ideas and thoughts whirled through their heads, and a sense of deep gratitude and hope filled some of their anxious hearts. As they left the class, the women carried home precious information that could impact many future generations. Life-changing Advice GFA-supported Women’s Fellowships all across Asia conducted health care […] Read more »

A New Kind of New Year

  On New Year’s Day in Asia, much like in the United States, many people celebrate by throwing parties, watching fireworks, singing, dancing and enjoying one another’s company. But not all people are able to celebrate the new year. Women who are widows may be rejected and alone, and extra gifts and treats are out of reach for many impoverished […] Read more »

Healed by prayer at Women's Fellowship

When Witch Doctors Fail and Deities Remain Silent

Sapna left the witch doctors, frustrated and disappointed to again be met with failure. Doctors were unsuccessful in treating her severe pain, and now even witch doctors couldn’t find a cure. Sapna wondered why faithfully obeying her religious customs for so many years hadn’t brought her the blessings she expected. As part of the local priest’s family, she had diligently […] Read more »

Illiteracy in Asia

Finally Achieving Her Buried Ambition

Tourists flocked to Shanti’s city year after year, enchanted by the snowcapped mountains reflected in a glassy lake. But while visitors dreamt of living in her beautiful city, Shanti lived in a fog of depression and frustration, weary of suppressing her lifelong desire. Girl Kept Home from School During Shanti’s childhood, most parents in her community believed sending girls to […] Read more »