Stitching Together a New Life with Jesus

Kavana, a 22-year-old in Asia, shares her story of God’s faithfulness in her life. “When I was 16 years old, suddenly my father passed away. After that, my mother and I became helpless. We had no work to earn money and meet our needs. “As the days went by, the condition at home went from bad to worse. My mother […] Read more »

Mosquito net and blanket help poor widow

Now She’s Double-Covered

Poverty and other hopeless situations are painfully common in many villages all over Asia. These pains were all too real for Saachi and her family. Although her husband held down a job serving tea at a local shop, his earnings were little and provided just enough for the two of them and their 9-year-old son to survive. Life was difficult […] Read more »

sweater and winter clothing for missionaries

Praying for a Warm Sweater

When we think of tools for telling people about God’s gift of His Son, sweaters, jackets and scarves are not normally the first items that come to mind. But those who serve in frigid mountain regions or chilly plains know firsthand how valuable and necessary winter clothing is for their ministry. When one area of Asia experienced an unusually cold […] Read more »

Rickshaws help break the cycle of poverty

Wheels that Broke the Cycle of Poverty

Prabhal’s bicycle rickshaw will probably never be called “sporty.” There’s nothing exotic about it—no shiny chrome, no eye-catching leather interior. But this functional vehicle means the world to Prabhal because he no longer worries about how to feed his family. Hardworking Father Struggles to Provide Prabhal loved the Lord and strove to care for the family God entrusted to him, […] Read more »

Widow earns an income through sewing machine.

After Five Years of Watching

Vasanti has been a witness to many things over her 70 years of life, especially in regard to her daughter, Rupashi. She listened as Rupashi spoke her first words. She watched Rupashi grow into a young woman, and she watched her enter into a new life with a husband. She watched her grandson, Manesh, grow into a little man. But […] Read more »

Recipe for Masala Chai

Tea has been an important part of Asian culture for thousands of years. We love seeing photos of people from so many different regions enjoying a cup of tea! Here is one of our favorite recipes for Masala Chai, a type of tea that millions of people in Asia consume every day. Masala Chai Recipe 3 cups water 2 cinnamon […] Read more »

Unexpected Gifts Come . . . Squawking

When Anhithi, Yuktha, Aadita and Risha visited the homes of widows in the area where they were ministering as Sisters of Compassion, they had opportunities to help the widows with chores and comfort them with words of Scripture. But the four Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries wanted to help the women in another practical way: by providing them with a source […] Read more »

Yaswar could finally relieve his weary body by carrying the heavy water pots on his bicycle as he rode the long distance.

Water Is No Longer a Burden to Him

Yaswar carried the heavy water pots on his shoulders. The long walk to the nearest water source wearied the 51-year-old’s body, but his main job was to make sure the workers at the tea garden had water to drink when they needed it. If he was ever late in bringing water, his co-workers grumbled and scolded him. Yaswar never said […] Read more »

A pastor's widow was one of more than 200 who received Christmas gifts at a Gospel for Asia-supported gift distribution event.

Gift Distribution Blesses More than 200 Lives

As Navin sat in the meeting, he kept looking at the clock. It was nearing 11 a.m. Navin’s superior, who had called the meeting, noticed how restless and distracted Navin was. He asked what was going on. Navin told him he was scheduled to be a guest at a program organized by a church. Navin’s superior smiled. “Even on weekdays […] Read more »

Gifts like pigs can provide income for struggling families and represent God's love to them.

How Can Pigs Help Struggling Families?

People give a variety of gifts through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog each year—from sewing machines to water buffalo to rickshaws to chickens. A sewing machine can enable someone to stitch and sell clothes; a water buffalo can provide milk or plow a field; a rickshaw can give someone a business ferrying passengers or goods; and chickens yield eggs. […] Read more »

A Toilet Brought Them Dignity

Piya was just one widow among the 2.4 billion people in the world who lack access to adequate sanitation. The only time Piya and her children were able to venture out to use the outdoors for their toilet purposes was early in the morning before sunrise or after the sun set. They didn’t feel comfortable going out in broad daylight—there […] Read more »

Sewing Machine Unlocks Survival

The hum of the sewing machines filled the tailoring shop where Jash worked. Even though that sound meant work, which meant income, which should’ve meant being able to provide for his family, Jash knew the money he earned was barely paying for his family’s housing fees and the transportation for his job. Though Jash worked hard, his employer never offered […] Read more »

God's Word has transformed many lives in Asia.

God’s Word Changes Teenage Alcoholic’s Reputation

Pretvan had a reputation of being a dangerous man—and he was only a youth. Pretvan had dropped out of school, failing to make it past the eighth grade, and started drinking alcohol with friends. The teenager quickly became a dangerous addict, often starting trouble with other villagers. Even his friends grew frightened of him, thinking he would hurt them. His […] Read more »

God uses Gospel literature to touch hearts.

Wonder-working Power in the Blood

Throughout the day, 43 people passed through the cluster of clinic chairs sitting in a park to donate blood. Among them was Bhe, a man in his 30s donning worn-out clothes, unpolished shoes and ragged hair. Nearby churches led by GFA-supported pastors had partnered with the local Red Cross Society to host the blood drive. When someone asked Bhe what […] Read more »

Finding Shelter in Christ

The small hut’s bamboo poles supported a thin plastic roof that attempted to provide shelter for the family sleeping fitfully beneath its cover. It failed. Rain dripped steadily through the poorly constructed layers to land on thin blankets below. The waters penetrated the fabric, chilling the form of a man whose sun-darkened skin gave evidence of a lifetime of hard […] Read more »