A Gift for a Father

Nadish rode his bicycle rickshaw past a crowd of people looking for rides. He needed the money. But instead of stopping to pick up a customer, he steered his bike to its parking spot. He handed over a portion of his hard-earned wages to the rickshaw’s owner and walked home. His rental time was fixed, and no matter how many […] Read more »

Protection from the Cold

This Christmas, many people living in the mountainous regions of Asia will not be protected from cold weather, as they have no winter clothing. But GFA-supported community development  initiatives, like Christmas gift distributions, hope to change the lives of many. The Gift of Warmth Through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, people around the world have the opportunity to purchase various gifts […] Read more »

Sewing Machine Paves Way for a Brighter Future After Pigs Die

Sewing Machine Paves Way for a Brighter Future After Pigs Die

Pramiti wandered into the forest. The responsibilities of caring for her aged father and her own burning desire to finish college weighed on her young shoulders. As she plucked fruit to later sell in the market, she knew the fruit of her labor was simply not enough to meet all her needs. The Needs of a Student Pramiti supported her […] Read more »

Riding Toward the Future

Paramita’s friends whizzed past her on their bicycles as she trekked the long four-mile journey to school. She longed to have a bike of her own so she could arrive to school on time, but every weekday morning, Paramita had to walk. She was often exposed to the harsher elements of weather. When it rained, her school books would get […] Read more »

A Toilet Gives Widow Dignity

Pastor Jaiwant saw the struggles Mayil went through to provide for her family. She needed help and support, but society shunned her instead. Pastor Jaiwant knew how difficult everyday life was, especially because Mayil’s family lacked a proper toilet facility. Too poor to build a toilet, they resorted to using the open tea fields where they lived, often awaking early […] Read more »

Discovering the God Who Cares About Bug Bites

Flies and mosquitoes buzzed around sleeping bodies. The stagnant water near Lavenia’s communal hut provided a prime breeding ground for insects. In the morning the sleepers awoke to find their hair and clothes askew from the night’s rest and new, irritating bug bites forming on their unwashed skin. Poverty-stricken Widow Lavenia was a widow. After her husband died, she and […] Read more »

Rabbits Provide Groceries

Around 50 families gathered. Tattered clothes and the effects of a hard life marred their appearances. For most, poverty was all they knew and all they imagined their lives would look like. But today would mark a change, a new beginning. The means to ease the sting of want and hunger of each family came as a gift in the […] Read more »

Sanitation, Safety and the Savior

  As the cement walls of the small frame came up, excitement swirled among the neighbors. With enthusiasm and joy, Mae told those who gathered about their new toilet. Seeing the Need and Meeting it GFA-supported pastor Vikranta was Mae’s pastor. He had the joy of nurturing and watching her and her husband, Reuel, grow in the Lord and learn […] Read more »

Stomachs Growl While Father is Sick

Jalsa lay unable to move. The pain in her hands and legs, pain she previously thought little of, now proved to be a bigger deal than she imagined. Paralyzed, helpless and unable to work, Jalsa needed some encouragement. Her loving neighbor stopped by for a visit. She prayed for Jalsa and invited her to come to church with her one […] Read more »

Two Goats Provide Great Revenue

Sweating in the open fields every day wasn’t helping to get Ujala’s family out of poverty. It looked as though his five sons would have to follow the continuous cycle of harsh life and struggle. But Ujala had hope, and he prayed God would provide. Ujala didn’t let their circumstance shake his devotion and love for Jesus. He firmly believed […] Read more »

Building Each Other Up

Pastor Tanan tried his best, but he couldn’t do it alone. There were so many needy families in his church, and he didn’t have the resources to provide for everyone. Then he remembered he wasn’t alone—he was part of the Body of Christ. Gathering together his congregation, GFA-supported pastor Tanan shared the pressing need of Kamsa, a sister in Christ. […] Read more »

Stitching Together a New Life with Jesus

Kavana, a 22-year-old in Asia, shares her story of God’s faithfulness in her life. “When I was 16 years old, suddenly my father passed away. After that, my mother and I became helpless. We had no work to earn money and meet our needs. “As the days went by, the condition at home went from bad to worse. My mother […] Read more »

Mosquito net and blanket help poor widow

Now She’s Double-Covered

Poverty and other hopeless situations are painfully common in many villages all over Asia. These pains were all too real for Saachi and her family. Although her husband held down a job serving tea at a local shop, his earnings were little and provided just enough for the two of them and their 9-year-old son to survive. Life was difficult […] Read more »

sweater and winter clothing for missionaries

Praying for a Warm Sweater

When we think of tools for telling people about God’s gift of His Son, sweaters, jackets and scarves are not normally the first items that come to mind. But those who serve in frigid mountain regions or chilly plains know firsthand how valuable and necessary winter clothing is for their ministry. When one area of Asia experienced an unusually cold […] Read more »

Rickshaws help break the cycle of poverty

Wheels that Broke the Cycle of Poverty

Prabhal’s bicycle rickshaw will probably never be called “sporty.” There’s nothing exotic about it—no shiny chrome, no eye-catching leather interior. But this functional vehicle means the world to Prabhal because he no longer worries about how to feed his family. Hardworking Father Struggles to Provide Prabhal loved the Lord and strove to care for the family God entrusted to him, […] Read more »